Friday, May 28, 2010

Birth Story

I realize that this post may have been long so I thought I would try to do it more in bullet points than paragraph form, that way you can skip over the boring parts. :-)

.:.Monday, May 10, 2010.:.
We woke up and Dalyn we to work. Monday was a fairly normal day for me. I went down for a BPP and had a NST. Everything still looked great with the babies. I had been feeling some changes that I couldn't quit pin-point for the days leading up so I just wrote it off as hospital blues. Well late Monday afternoon I came down with a headache that was miserable, unlike headaches I had had in a while. I rang my nurse and immediately I told her I thought it was hormones because I hadn't had a headache like that in a while. They gave me meds and the night continued on as usual. Monday night I went to bed thinking I was going to be pregnant forever. . . .

.:.Tuesday, May 11, 2010.:.
7 am - wake up having really bad pains down one side of my belly, decided not to tell the nurse thinking it was hunger. But instead of getting out of bed to eat when my breakfast came I just laid there.

8:30 am - pain was getting worse, Dalyn is debating whether to go in to work or not. Finally I decide the nurse needs to know. As I reach to get my button the doctor walks in, perfect person to tell!
  • they decide to hook me up to a monitor to see how quick things are coming.
  • doctor went ahead to check me. Still at a 2 cm. Says he will check back in an hour
10:15 am - turns out my anti-pardum nurse was a L&D nurse they pulled over just for the day. She checks me, I'm a 3! They quickly told us to get our stuff together that we are headed to L&D.

10:30 am - I get to L&D and things are chaos. Nurses are everywhere. We also decided now would be the time to call and get Dalyns mom and down here.

11 am-6 pm - Spent the remainder of the day with contractions only about 10-15 minutes apart. Was checked once and didn't really have much of a change. My doctor on call said they would keep me through the night in L&D and see what happened the next day.

7 pm - New (my favorite) doctor goes on call. He gives me permission to eat something and get up to take a shower. Says he'll be in to discuss things a little later on that night.

10 pm - After dinner and a shower, Dr comes in. Says him and Dr. G have talked and Dr. G's opinion is to send me back over to anti-pardum. Dr. T tells Dr. G he values his life more than to come tell me that. Smart man! He tells me he'll check me first thing in the morning and if things have progressed some he'll break my water and we'll get things rolling. He tells me to take something to get a good nights rest.

11:00 pm - Nurse gives me Nubane. Woah, it made me feel crazy!! I don't know that my hubby or I slept a ton but we did get some sleep. We were both so excited about possibly meeting our babies the next day.

.:.Wednesday, May 12, 2010.:.
5 am - my nurse comes in to check on me and I'm wide awake. She quickly tells me to catch some more sleep she doesn't think the doctor will be in for a few more hours. (she apparently doesn't know how long I've been waiting for this day to come)

7 am - in rolls my doctor. WOOHOO! upon check I am about 4 cm and before I know what's happening he's breaking my water. (is this really happening?!?) My nurse also lets me know that I can have an epidural at any time. They get the pitocin started but I decided to wait until I started feeling things before rushing into an epidural. I was also really nauseous so they gave me a shot of phenergan. It knocked me out.

9 am - I wake up needing to go to the bathroom. As soon as I get back to the bed I was in severe pain. About that time the nurse walked in and I told her I wanted my epidural. She gets the ball rolling.

9:30 am - Dr. M comes in and explains everything about the epidural. But anesthesiology needs bloodwork in order for me to get my epidural. You might know the nurse couldn't find my vein. She poked me a billion times, bless her because I was not a happy camper by that point. Finally she got blood.

10:30 am - Dr. M finally arrives back to give me my epidural. I am seriously one very uphappy camper by now. Amazing, miracle worker, Dr. M is done and has the epidural in within minutes. I loved him!! I was most scared about the epidural but it was the easiest part.

11 am - pain relief!!! Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nap time!!!!!

About 1:45ish - Dr T comes in to check me. Did I hear him say completely dilated?? Yep! just a small lip, says he'll be back in about 30 min and then he thinks we'll have babies.

About 2:15ish - Back he comes. Okay, let's push. Okay, let's stop pushing and get you to the OR suite. (They had me deliver in the OR suite just in case an emergency were to arise and they need to do a c-section, they were there and ready to go.)

About 2:45pm - We're set up and ready to push in the OR suite.

3:00 pm - Get the NICU teams there babies are coming

3:04 pm - Welcome to the world Finley Marie. She was crying before she was all the way out. I of course immediately lost it. Daddy gets to cut the cord and doctor hands her off and says she looks great.

3:05 - 3:15 - Stop pushing and wait for baby B. Looks like he's gonna stay head down, now he just needs to drop. In the meantime, NICU team says Finley looks great! Apgar score is 8 and she'll be going to the Newborn Nursery. Her 5 minutes Apgar score was 9. I also get to see and hold her!!

3:20 - Start to push again

3:29 - Welcome to the world Landry Knox. His cord was wrapped around his neck and he was so wiggly the doctor had a hard time getting it off. You can tell he is the little one. Daddy cuts his cord and doctor hands him off. His Apgar score was also 8 and after 5 minutes was a 9.

This is where things start to become a little bit blurry for me. I can see both babies and know everyone is doing great. I can remember the doctor delivering the placentas. I got to hold Finley and love her. Daddy soon brought Landry over for mommy to hold him but the doctor was massaging my uterus and I was so uncomfortable I was scared to hold him. I can only remember bits and pieces from here. I remember asking the doctors almost constantly if I was ok. I can remember them pulling a chair up for my hubby who by that point was holding both babies and then the next thing I know he said he's going with them to the nursery. Now at that point I realize something is not right, Dalyn had been very adamant before the delivery that if the babies were okay he would stay with me until I was back in the room. As soon as he walks out I hear the doctor as to have the anesthesiologist paged in along with some additional nurses. I also hear him asking for all these medicines. I can feel him massaging my uterus from the inside and out. Let me just say, not pleasant at all. Every time he brings his hand back out I can hear blood/fluid/whatever gush to the floor. Now, here is me panicking. I tell my L&D nurse I'm going to be sick. I start dry heaving. My AMAZING doctor, nurse and anesthesiologist continue to stay calm and collected and not long after the collection of drugs hit my system and everything is a blur from there until about 7 pm. I can remember people kind of coming and going once I was back in L&D but that's really it. I can remember the doctor checking on me for the last time before he switched off. I told him he really had me scared and in return he said I really had him scared too. The next thing I remember was about 8:30 or so my nurse was asking if I wanted to try and hold down some crackers and sprite. I did and it stayed down fine. I told my husband I was ready to see my babies but that we'd wait until his parents and my dad were there so everyone could be apart of the moment. A little while later his parents arrived and not long after that I got to hold my sweet sweet bundles of joy. It was the most perfect moment ever! Even though everyone was there it felt for a moment that it was just my husband and I. Later that night I got moved over to post-pardum and because I couldn't get out of bed decided it was best if the babies headed back to the nursery. My husband told me that I had lost about a liter and half of blood and that they were going to continue doing bloodwork and checking my vitals to make sure everything stayed stable and I didn't need a transfusion. Apparently after working so hard for 9 months my uterus pooped out as soon as the babies were delivered and quick contracting. That along with some hemorrhaging is what caused me to lose so much blood. Luckily, I didn't need blood but I was so weak for the first few days I could lift my legs off the floor to the bed. By Friday I was strong enough that I got up and sat in and chair and also bathed the babies. Saturday when the doctor came in he said it was my decision what I felt I was ready to do, he was okay with either me staying or going. After some discussion I decided I would feel much better in my own environment, esp after being in the hospital for almost a month.

I will say that even though the part after my delivery wasn't easy, I had a very easy labor and delivery. I would've never thought I could have delivered both these babies vaginally. My husband was an amazing support and I wouldn't have been able to do it without. I also would've never managed as well as I did without my amazing OB, L&D nurse and anesthesiologist. My team of people were unbelievable!! I also feel like I've bounced back really quickly at home. I've been really surprised and felt really blessed to have gotten back on my feet so quickly.

I may add things here and there but for now I think that captures everything and I hope one day the babies can look back and see a first hand account of how they made their way into the world!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unpredictable Life

So last night we had scheduled the babies newborn photos. Now normally my babies eat every three hours and fall asleep pretty much right after that. I thought I had everything planned out until I noticed Finley was pretty unsettled all afternoon. I had debated canceling but I thought we might as well try and see how it plays out. So my dad and I packed everything up, included the babies and headed off. My hubby was going to meet us there since it was about half way between work and home. I had planned on feeding the babies there so they would fall asleep and we could have a pretty good amount of time to take pictures. Well, you might know that after we fed them they were both wide awake. Finally, I got Finley to sleep and we started with some shots of her. A little while later Dalyn had Landry to sleep but everytime we would lay them down to try and get shots together he would scream. We did finally end up getting some shots of them outside and then we moved inside where Finley decided to be the cranky one. We didn't get a single shot of her inside but got some of Landry. In the end we decided to try again one day next week to see if both babies would cooperate a little more.

Now onto my next unpredictable event. I'm still getting my birth story together but in a quick recap I had some hemorrhaging and lost a good deal of blood. I received lots and lots of medicine and although I think I had a quick recovery I can tell I'm just now getting back to 100% me. Well, along with all that I tried pumping in the hospital because latching the babies on as bad as I felt was just to overwhelming. After trying I didn't get anything and my milk never came in once home. So I assumed all the trauma to my body had caused it not to come in. Well last night, 2 weeks to the day the babies were born, I noticed my breasts were extremely sore and hard. I just chalked it up to changing hormones. This morning I woke to realize that my milk was coming in. Two weeks later? After no stimulation? I didn't even think it was possible. Am I a freak of nature? So now after I had accepted the fact that I wouldn't be breastfeeding I'm left with making the decision on where to go from here. . . .

I'm normally a pretty planned, scheduled, predictable person so all this unpredictability is completely catching me off guard. But for once in my life I'm totally ok with it and have completely dealt with it in stride. I'm actually pretty proud of myself but I figure with twins I'd better get use to all the unpredictability.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Week Check-up

I am slowly but surely getting my post up of the babies birth. I'm almost there but its so long that it just has to come together when I can get it together. I took the babies to their two week check-up today and it looks like so far we are making successful parents.

Landry's Stats
Weight - 5 lb 6 oz (up 8 oz since birth)
Length - 18.75 in (up .55 in since birth)

Landry still has his umbilical cord attached. We did a new type of circumcision on him called Plastibell. I don't really know much of what the difference is other than its suppose to make a 'prettier' circumcision. But they place a little plastic bell on there and it fell off last night (5/27/2010).

Finley's Stats
Weight - 5 lb 13 oz (up 2 oz since birth)
Length - 19 in (up 1 in since birth)

Finley lost her umbilical cord on Saturday (5/24/2010). She got to take her first tub bath last night (5/26/2010) and she absolutely loved it!! I had a feeling she would. She has so much hair that we've been having to rinse it under the sink and she loves it so I was pretty sure she would love actually being in water. We also have a little tub that comes with a sprayer which she loved too.

At 2 weeks both babies are feeding about 3 oz every 3 hours and are on the exact same schedule. Landry is the smiley, content baby. Finley is content but she also cries to be cuddled with a lot more. As long as my boy is changed and fed he's a happy little man. Finley is also the one who is awake a lot more. They both love their swings, best money we could've spent! They also don't mind their carseats and fall right asleep in the car. Landry is taking a paci but Finley doesn't care to much for it. The doctor said today that because both babies are doing so great she is okay not to see us back until our 2 month check-up.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st Doctor's Appointment

On Monday (5/17/10) we took the babies to their first pediatrician appointment. They wanted to check their weights and check Landry's circumcision. We snapped a few pics of them while they were there.

Finley weighed 5 lbs 5 oz which is up an ounce from her last hospital weight. She weighed 5 lbs 4 oz the night before we left. Landry weighed 4 lbs 13 oz which was also up an ounce from his last weight at the hospital. Looks like something is working well for them. We had tons of questions which I guess most new parents do and our pediatrician was wonderful, she took tons of time with us and answered everything completely and thoroughly.

So here are some pics of the trip!!

Happy Birthday To Me

BEST Presents I could've ever gotten. . . .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coming Home

After a really rough delivery i was finally discharged from the hospital yesterday. Believe it or not the babies got the okay to go home well before I did. Never would've imagined they would be waiting on me. I will hopefully get around to blogging about the labor & delivery soon but I make no promises. I will say that I did end up having them both vaginally which made me so extremely proud of myself. Here are a couple of pictures from their home coming yesterday. I will have to say that God has blessed my life more than I could have ever imagined with these babies. They are on a perfect schedule and have been extremely content so far. Its amazing to think they are finally here.

Happy Birthday

Finley Marie (left) & Landry Knox (right)
Born on: May 12, 2010
Finley @ 3:04pm
Landry @ 3:29 pm

Finley @ 5 lb 11oz
Landry @ 4 lb 15 oz

Finley @ 18 in
Landry @ 18.2 in

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BIRTH DAY: Part Three

Finley Marie and Landry Knox Webb have arrived!!!!

I don't know many details, but they were born sometime this afternoon. Here is the preliminary information that I got from Dalyn. Finley was born first weighing 5 lbs, 11 oz. Landry was born about 25 minutes later weighing 4 lbs., 15 oz. Both babies are 18 inches long.

Jessica was still in Labor & Delivery being cared for, and both babies were in the nursery. He said they looked great! Sorry I don't have more information than that, but we will post more as we find out.

Continue to pray for Jessica's recovery and for Finley and Landry as they adapt to life outside the womb! What a wonderful day and amazing blessings these babies are sure to be!


It's me again!

Just got off the phone with Dalyn around 12:00 pm (Eastern Time). Jessica has finally gotten an epidural, so she is comfortable and resting. Dalyn said that up until this point that she has been in lots of pain, so I am certain she is a happy camper now. The last time they checked, Jessica was at 5 cm. The doctors are going to let her go until she feels the urge to push.

As far as her blood pressure goes, Dalyn said the epidural really helped to lower it, so hopefully all will continue to go well in that department. Dalyn's parents are there with them, and I am pretty sure Jessica's dad is as well.

Keep checking to see how things are progressing!


Hey All!

This is Casey, a friend of Dalyn and Jessica's. I am here to tell you that Jessica is in LABOR. I don't know a ton of details, but I spoke with Dalyn last night and was told that Jessica was in Labor & Delivery after having lots of painful contractions and some dialation. This morning, I got a phone call saying that the doctors have broken her water. So, it looks like Finley and Landry will be making their debut sometime today.

Please pray for a safe delivery of the babies! Remember that Jess has had some blood pressure/pre-eclampsia issues, so prayers for her safety are vital. Also, pray that the doctors will be guided in wisdom to make decisions best for all three of them!

I'll post updates as I hear them from the proud Papa!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Update

I hope this works because this is the first time blogging from my iPhone. I just wanted to update everyone. This morning I started having horrible contractions and long story short was moved to labor & delivery around 10:30. I have been here all day having on and off contractions. At last check I was almost 4 cm and 90% effaced. The doctor thinks we'll have babies here by tomorrow night. Please pray for my hubby and I and our two amazing miracles that we can't wait to welcome into the world. I will try to update as I can.

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hospital Stay {Day 19}

Day 19 - {May 10, 2010}

As I write that I think, wow! have I really been here 19 days? As long as it seems this journey has been, its really gone by fairly quickly. And today officially begins the countdown to holding two precious little miracles. They had kind of talked about delivery some last week but we got the kind of 'official' word today that we will be induced late Thursday night into early Friday morning. They said they will check me Thursday to see what my cervix has done in the two weeks since I was last checked and then make a final decision as to when they are going to send me over to L&D. Either way, unless something happens before then, my babies birthday will be May 14, 2010! Since I am going to be trying for a vaginal delivery they are going to do another growth scan just to check the sizes of the babies. During my BPP today everything still looked perfect as did my NST this morning. They couldn't see Finley's placenta because she is getting so big but the doctor said he's not concerned about it. So from this point forward I'm going to countdown the days instead of counting up. I cannot wait to see my little munchkins' its been a long time in the making.

Hospital Stay {Day 16 - Day 18}

Day 16 {May 7, 2010} - Day 18 {May 9, 2010}

I guessed you noticed I'm still blogging which means, yes, I am still in the hospital. Ultimately, I knew the end wasn't to much further away and that I felt safest for the babies to be here. I don't have a ton to update on because thankfully the weekend was pretty quite. I mean, as quite as it gets around the hospital.

Friday I had a BPP and both babies looked perfect. Still scoring 8 out of 8. They are just as happy as can be inside their momma. At this point I really think they wouldn't come until 40 weeks if we'd wait that long. I think physically I could probably carry them until then, but you couldn't pay me a million dollars to lay in this hospital bed another 3 weeks. Okay, really who am I kidding, maybe a million but no less. ;-) Friday my hubby brought us Outback and it was divine!! I'm getting so tired of hospital food, so steak and baked potato was a welcome treat.

Saturday we spent the day getting outside. It was beautiful here Saturday so we went to sit outside several times. We had breakfast at this little coffee shop place and it was so good. It was like a real breakfast and not a hospital breakfast. We laid around in our room and watching several movies on Saturday too.

Sunday I woke up seeing a few spots (symptom of pre-eclampsia). My blood pressure was a little elevated but not nearly as bad as its been before. I told my nurse I though we'd head down to have breakfast. Well, by the time we had gotten back my doctor had gotten wind that I was seeing spots and my b/p was high and he was very unhappy with me. So needless to say he doesn't want me out of bed going to the cafeteria or anywhere else. Does he know I'm gonna go insane laying in this room?? Clearly not!! Dalyn had to go home and get some laundry done, I was running out of pjs. Also, we had only packed preemie clothes for the babies so I had him exchange them out for some newborn. In comparison it doesn't look like there is much difference between preemie and newborn but I was to have some of each to be safe.

And that pretty much sums up our low key weekend at the hospital. On the upside we are on the countdown to delivery and I got most of our plans this morning from our doctor. When I do today's update I will be sure to include those plans in it. Hope all the mommies and mommies to be out there had a wonderful mothers day!! Have a good week everyone!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Labor & Delivery

From the moment we first found out we were having twins, I knew that labor and delivery might not be what I always thought it would be. We kept an open mind for a good while and as the pregnancy progressed Baby B(our boy) continued to stay transverse. Our doctors had initially talked about a c-section and overtime my mind settled into having a c-section. I was pretty accepting of it because I knew its what needed to be done for a safe and quick delivery of both babies. About a month ago or a little longer Landry decided to cooperate and flip around to be head down. I didn't really talk much about it with the doctors because I decided I would kind of wait it out a little long to see if that's where is was going to settle. Well, here we are almost at the finish line and my babies have completely cooperated to both be head down. So we made the decision a few weeks ago that we were going to try and labor. Let me tell you I'm not interested in winning any awards for this delivery so if we labor over 8-12 hours and nothing really happens then we'll switch gears and do a c-section. I also fully intend to still have an epidural, again I'm not interested in winning awards. We've been prepped and prepared for what things will be like. We will have two NICU teams to look over the babies, a full team from anesthesiology, the doctors, nurses and finally my hubby. We won't be allowed to have any additional family because clearly the room is already going to be packed to the max. My hopes are that after making it this long that the babies won't even have to leave our side though. Now if something were to happen and baby b flipped after baby a came out then we would have to do a c-section. There are also several other 'worse case scenarios' that I'm not going to dwell on but just mentally prepare for. So I just thought I would document and let y'all in on what we hope will happen during labor and delivery. Please keep us in your prayers that things go smoothly.

Hospital Stay {Remainder of Day 15}

{Day 15 - May 6, 2010}

So after sitting around all afternoon about 3:30pm I sent my Dad home. I hadn't heard from my doctor and neither had my nurse so I had pretty much settled into the thought that the chance I was going home was pretty slim. About 5 pm in marched the doctor, finally! He said after consulting with some of the other doctors their main concern was that they would discharge me and I'd be back in just a matter of hours or days. But he said that I could go home if I wanted to or if I felt better being here they were perfectly fine with giving me a pass to go home for a couple of hours. I asked him to give me a little while to talk to my hubby. Don't worry that this should have been an easy decision, after all I was ready to go home and everything about my pre-eclampsia was stable. I immediately lost it and started crying. I think I cried for like an hour straight. I wasn't worried one bit about me, it was all about my babies. After all I have worked so hard to get them here healthy that I didn't want to be selfish and go home and something go wrong. Ultimately I felt like the hospital was the safest place for the babies. So I took the pass and went home for 3 hours last night. It was great to see my doggies and take a shower in my own shower. And I'm sad to say it didn't satisfy my desperate want to go home.

Now here I find myself this morning still debating with myself whether I want to go home or not. My husband is pretty much happy either way and feels like its my decision about where I feel the most comfortable. I may just try to get a long pass and go home for the whole afternoon Sunday. I'll update more on day 16 tomorrow. I also want to try and post about our choice for delivery and the plan as it stands now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hospital Stay {Day 10 - Day 15}

Oh where do I begin. It seems like so much happens on a daily basis and I need to start blogging on a daily basis so I can have a good record of it all. I want Landry and Finley to be able to go back one day and read this and know what all happened while they were baking. So this may be a really long post but I thought I would go back to document the last couple of days. And then hopefully I can document each day going forward.

{Day 10 - May 1, 2010}
Saturday was pretty uneventful. Our nurse actually let us sleep until 8:30, which is the hospital is late! We got up and had breakfast. Later that morning my dad came over for his normal daily visit. He stayed for several hours and we all walked down to the cafe and had lunch. A little while later he headed home to watch the dogs. That afternoon again was pretty uneventful. My husband has been staying at the hospital with me around the clock during the weekend and is only leaving to go to work during the week. We have been walking down to a little garden area that is at the hospital at least once a day, so we headed down there later that afternoon. Saturday night I started feeling a little crappy. I had a headache and upset stomach but I didn't want to take anything for my headache for fear it would upset my stomach even more. So my night nurse and I agreed I would try and ambien to see if it would put me asleep enough to knock it off. It did, so I got a pretty restful night sleep Saturday night.

{Day 11 - May 2, 2010}
After going to bed feeling bad Saturday, I was unhappy to wake up Sunday feeling just as bad. When my nurse came in I told her and she quickly informed the doctor who was in not long after that. My nurse had asked me when the last time I felt the babies was, and I was scared of my own answer. I couldn't remember feeling them since the night before and definitely wasn't feeling them then. The doctor had some concerns with me feeling bad, he thought there might be a possibility that my preeclampsia was getting out of hand. They drew some blood and the dr wanted me hooked up to the monitor. My nurse told me there was a chance that we might deliver and said if I wanted a shower before I delivered I better get it because if something was bad they would take me straight back. So I hopped in the shower and then they hooked me up to a monitor for an hour. To our relief the babies were completely reactive and looked great on the monitor and all my blood work came back fine. So after a long day of waiting we were told, no babies today. The doctor was convinced that the ambien wasn't doing me or them any good, so he was quick to say stop it. I dread Sundays now because it means I spend the majority of my days by myself. My dad has been amazing and normally visits for a couple hours everyday so he has been some help. A good friend that works in the NICU here at the hospital has visited some and I've formed a friendship of sorts with the girl that did our NICU tour a few weeks ago, so she's been by several times. It really helps to pass the time. I went to bed Sunday knowing I would have a tough night sleeping.

{Day 12 - May 3, 2010}
After a restless night sleep Sunday night I was exhausted Monday. My hubby headed off to work :-( so after breakfast I decided a nap was in order. They are doing my NST (non-stress test) on Monday's and Thursday's so not long after I got settled the nurse came in to hook me up to the monitor. My doctor didn't come in until up in the day but I always am hopefully that they are ready for babies when they walk in the room. He didn't have much to say other than to keep on keeping on. We had a really interesting conversation. Here's kind of how it went:

Me: So, Dr. A, do you think I'm going have babies by mother's day?
Dr. A: Oh yeah
Me: (In complete shock) You know mother's day is Sunday, right?
Dr. A: Yep

I was in shock everything else left me. He did tell me that we would be doing BPP (bio-physical profiles) twice a week along with the NST's. My nurse told me that he had ordered it for that day so they should be coming to get me anytime soon. My hubby called and I told him if he hurried he might make it. He hurried up and finished his last patient and came on over. Well after we sat here all afternoon, you might know that they pushed it off until Tuesday. Bummer!

{Day 13 - May 4, 2010}
Tuesday was by far one of the busiest days I've had in the hospital thus far. They brought me breakfast and I scarfed it down because I know they are bad to come get me for u/s at 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. Well, they spared me for a little while and left me until about 8:30. We went down for our BPP. Both babies scored 8 out of 8. I can't believe how content they are inside of me. The u/s tech did tell me that Baby A (Finley) is really low and has her head tilted backwards. He said she was super active but thought that possibly it was because she was in a stressful position. Both babies practiced breathing almost constantly while they were being watched. Afterwards, I came back and a old friend from college stopped by. Actually, Elly is my little sister from Phi Mu while I was in college. I adore her and her personality could brighten any day. My dad came while she was here so I had back to back visitors and lunch right on top of that. After that I had two other hospital visitors before decided I needed a nap. I got a really quick nap before the ice cream cart came through and woke me up. I decided Tuesday was not going to be a good nap day. That afternoon my hubby and I walked down to the garden. Needless to say I was exhausted by the time we got back to the room. I got my best nights sleep since I stopped taking ambien.

{Day 14 - May 5, 2010}
So today is not my favorite day of the year. I lost both of my grandfathers 3 years apart on May 5. So needless to say I've never been a big Cinco de Mayo fan. Wednesday morning I started my 3rd 24 hour urine test. The doctor came in early that morning and I finally got frustrated enough to start getting answers. We have a little better plan! And the plan is to induce next Friday. The only thing that would get it started sooner would be if I went into labor on my own or if my 24 hour urine came back sky high or if my labs came back messed up. My nurse was a little ditsy today. She came in and said I'm gonna hook you up to the monitor and do a quick NST. So in my mind I think, 'I'm suppose to be doing NST's on Thursday.' I debated about saying something but decided what did it really matter. Well, needless to say Finley failed. I went into a total state of panic. I haven't been feeling her move a ton and now this failed NST. I thought my doctor would come in quickly and give me some answers but instead he left me sitting here all day. My nurse hooked me back up a little later on because I was having contractions. You might know, she performed perfectly. I still didn't feel completely re-assured but the doctor came in and wasn't really worried. Wednesday night Dalyn's assistant from work stopped by to visit.

{Day 15 - May 6, 2010}
Obviously, today isn't over with yet. But I didn't get this post finished yesterday so I thought I would update on happenings thus far. I was set to have labs drawn this morning, so in they came at 5 am flipping lights on wanting to take blood. Seriously, do they not know people sleep here. I asked my nurse to let me know when she got results back because I knew a lot would hinge on that. By about 8 am they arrived back and I finished my 24 hour urine. My results were pretty normal, my platelet count had dropped a little but apparently not enough to be concerned about. My 24 hour urine result came back at 3.6, which is actually lower than last week. The doctor asked me how I was doing this morning and I just told him i was getting extremely frustrated with everything. He said I could do a better job making a case to go home than to deliver at this point. I think I caught him a little off guard when I said, 'well then I want to go home.' He said he would consult with other doctors of the practice and then let me know. That was about 8:30 this morning and I haven't heard anything yet, I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing. My dad came on over so he could be here if indeed I did get to go home. So we're just sitting around waiting for him to pop back in. I'll update more on today once I get more information.

Sorry this is so long but as I said I want to have a good record of all that's happening. I'll be 36 weeks in 2 more days, YAY!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I have done a terrible job documenting my pregnancy these last few weeks.
I HATE that!!
What have I been doing? Nothing!! Laying in my hospital bed.
Yes, I'm back in the hospital and have been since Tuesday.
I am on the very cusp of severe pre-eclampsia.
The doctor's are trying to get me to 37 weeks.
I'm ready now!!
But either way I'm here until the babies arrive.
I hope to update more tomorrow when the hubby goes to work.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.