Happy Birthday

Finley Marie (left) & Landry Knox (right)
Born on: May 12, 2010
Finley @ 3:04pm
Landry @ 3:29 pm

Finley @ 5 lb 11oz
Landry @ 4 lb 15 oz

Finley @ 18 in
Landry @ 18.2 in


Alex said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! They are just precious. I loved the other pictures from your most recent post as well. I'm praying that you recover quickly and things are smooth from here on out.

Congrats again!!!
Alex :)
WantWait&Pray said…
Big Big HUGE congratulations from me!!! Also, way to go sister on delivering them both! You are seriously a rockstar! I am SO excited to follow thier journey! Can't believe you have your babies....where are mine? Guess they are a little cozy in there...will they ever come? JK!

Best of luck as you continue to recover. Your babies are beautiful....congrats!!!!!
Jessilyn said…
Wow Congrats they are so cute hope everything continues to go great for you both.. best Wishes ;)

Jackson, MS

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