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because sometimes you have something to say

Its been 4 years, 2 months and about 18 days since I published my last blog post.

Well.....that's a lie. I've started several small side blogs since Our Front Porch Looking In but none that felt quite so me. I'd write a post but then just draft it until......later. Okay, maybe never. There have been so many times I've told myself this will be the year I return to blogging and so many years have continued to slip away.


Are you wondering what I'm doing back, yet?

No....not pregnant.
No....not going through fertility. huge life changes.

I had a picture pop up on my timehop......see below.......

And I thought to myself....."remember that time when you weren't scared to open up to the world and tell people what you were going through? The really scary, really personal time? When your emotions were often raw and life wasn't always rainbows and sunshine." I remember that time.....and boy do I remember it well. 
But guess what.....I'…

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