I made the big leap and went back to work about 4 weeks ago. Hence, the absence on here. I'm working kind of part time but couple that with my full time job here and life has been out of control! I feel like I'm keeping up much better this time but I just don't have time for the excess (i.e. blogging).

We also have so many other big chances coming on the horizon and we've been busy trying to prepare for those. I'm still cooking my way though pinterest, so I have some great recipes to share! I've also attempted a few craft projects too! Since one of them involves Valentine's Day, I'll have to refrain from sharing until at least tomorrow.

I know I've been saying this for months but I've got to get an update up on my almost two year olds!!! TWO!! Wow, that just doesn't really seem possible. Oh yeah along with the changes I've got a second birthday to plan. I'm thinking about keeping it much more simple than last year but we'll see.

For now my pillow is calling my name! Hope you all have a wonder day filled with love tomorrow. Here's a little love from my two littlest Valentine's.


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