Potty Training

Since our kids are getting a little older we haven't been having nearly as many 'big' milestones as before. I mean of course their vocabulary is exploding and they are growing into little people by the day but those sitting up, crawling, walking, etc milestones are becoming a little less frequent. Well, this weekend completely unexpected we decided to embark on a big toddler milestone. Of course the title gave it away so I thought I'd give it a little back story.

A few weeks ago we were in Raleigh at our favorite baby store and we stumbled across potty chairs we really liked. We had decided to hold off a few more weeks, since I didn't want to start potty training in the middle of a move. Well, over the last few weeks both kids but especially Landry had really been expressing interest in the bathroom and his bodily functions. He had been telling us after he would pee and was also staying dry for several hours at a time. So we decided just to ride back up and get the potties even though we weren't sure we'd need them right away. While we were up there Dalyn had taken Landry into the bathroom with him several times to pee, then in the cheesecake factory he went with me. Out of no where he said 'pee pee potty' so I asked him if he was wanting to go in the big boy potty and he said yes. We didn't have any luck but we kind of just decided maybe he was a little more ready than we thought.

Sunday when we woke up we decided it was now or never and we didn't want to miss his window. So we say up the potty chairs in the middle of the living room, stripped them both naked and gave them the green light to start using the potty. The day was filled with a few accidents here and there but overall they took to it like champs.

Monday, I didn't really know what to expect being home by myself all say. But they did great and I haven't been that proud of a mommy in a long time! Neither one had an accident all day and Landry stayed dry all the way through nap to pee when he woke up!! He even managed #2 in the potty by afternoons end!!! Finley had a little more difficult day. She has a stubborn steak miles wide. (I have not idea where she gets it from *winkwink*)she didn't pee or poop all morning but didn't have any accidents either. I decide at nap maybe she wasn't quite ready for potty training so I decided I'd let her take her time. But when she woke up from nap it was like something had clicked and he did great the rest of the afternoon!

Today brought Day 3 of potty training and a new twist. I knew I had to go have my car services this morning so I wasn't really sure how to handle that with two potty training toddlers. I decided it was probably best to wear diapers, so I used pull ups. I asked them both to potty before we left the house and they both said no. However, as soon as we got to the dealership Landry said he needed to pee. So we rushed off to the bathroom and sure enough my little man pee pee for the first time in a public potty!!!! Mark another insanely proud mommy moment. Finley said she needed to go a little while later but got spooked by the big big potty and then the automatic flush. Landry told me again a little later at target he needed to pee but by the time we made it to the bathroom he had used his diaper. Once we've been home today, they've done great and Finley seems to really be understanding and controlling her bladder better. Landry has continued to be a rock star!! I think we just caught him at the perfect moment.

I'm hoping and praying that this isn't a fluke and things continue to go as smoothly as they have been!!! Of course potty training wouldn't be complete without an embarrassing pics.


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