Life as it Happens

As our impending move draws near (two more full days left in town), each morning I wake up with different feelings and emotions than the day before. Maybe it's because I know in a week I'll be laying in a bed recouping from major surgery. Maybe it's because this house was my children's first home. Maybe it's because of all the uncertainty of the times ahead. Maybe it's because a new thought like that hits me everyday. I've never been extremely fond of this town. I don't really know why, I just don't care for it. So it would really make more sense for me to be excited about what's to come. 

A few night ago I was packing up the kids room, which is now completely empty minus cribs, and I started getting really emotional. This time 3 years ago we were moving here having just found out our first pregnancy was a blighted ovum. Not long after arriving I had just opted to have a D&C done. It was one of the most heartbreaking times in my life. I wasn't sure if the dreams I had of becoming a mother would ever come true. Low and behold three years later I have two beautiful, healthy, full of life children. I couldn't be more thankful of the blessing God has given us since we've been here. We have so many beautiful memories of our children here. . .  first smiles, first crawls, first steps, first words. . . . and now even potty training. We've had so ups and down over the last three years but wow have the ups been much more abundant. 

As the days draw to a close I try not to be as busy packing and getting things done and enjoy the last few days in this home as a family. I'm trying to remember that the memories are just that and will follow us where ever we go. This in the first time, in 8 moves, I've had such a sentimental goodbye. Thanks for the beautiful memories Eastern North Carolina, I'm sure we'll meet again someday!


Marilyn said…
It's been awhile since your last blog post. I hope all is well!

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