Hospital Stay {Day 19}

Day 19 - {May 10, 2010}

As I write that I think, wow! have I really been here 19 days? As long as it seems this journey has been, its really gone by fairly quickly. And today officially begins the countdown to holding two precious little miracles. They had kind of talked about delivery some last week but we got the kind of 'official' word today that we will be induced late Thursday night into early Friday morning. They said they will check me Thursday to see what my cervix has done in the two weeks since I was last checked and then make a final decision as to when they are going to send me over to L&D. Either way, unless something happens before then, my babies birthday will be May 14, 2010! Since I am going to be trying for a vaginal delivery they are going to do another growth scan just to check the sizes of the babies. During my BPP today everything still looked perfect as did my NST this morning. They couldn't see Finley's placenta because she is getting so big but the doctor said he's not concerned about it. So from this point forward I'm going to countdown the days instead of counting up. I cannot wait to see my little munchkins' its been a long time in the making.


Jessilyn said…
I wish you both the best of luck and I 'm praying for ya ;)
WantWait&Pray said…
Oh my gosh, I didn't know you were having them THIS week!!!!!!!
May 14th is the date I reallllly wanted to have mine and I have NO inclination that they will be coming. SO I am VERY excited YOU will be having them on that date. The day holds special meaning to us, so that's why I wanted them to be born on that day.
Holy smokes.....thats just days away! I am SOOOO excited for you!!!
Robertsons said…
Wow. I was away from my computer since Friday and a lot has happened huh? I'll keep you in my thoughts all week!!!
PS. 19 days in the hospital would have caused me to kill several people and many more would have left the health care profession.

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