Birth Story

I realize that this post may have been long so I thought I would try to do it more in bullet points than paragraph form, that way you can skip over the boring parts. :-)

.:.Monday, May 10, 2010.:.
We woke up and Dalyn we to work. Monday was a fairly normal day for me. I went down for a BPP and had a NST. Everything still looked great with the babies. I had been feeling some changes that I couldn't quit pin-point for the days leading up so I just wrote it off as hospital blues. Well late Monday afternoon I came down with a headache that was miserable, unlike headaches I had had in a while. I rang my nurse and immediately I told her I thought it was hormones because I hadn't had a headache like that in a while. They gave me meds and the night continued on as usual. Monday night I went to bed thinking I was going to be pregnant forever. . . .

.:.Tuesday, May 11, 2010.:.
7 am - wake up having really bad pains down one side of my belly, decided not to tell the nurse thinking it was hunger. But instead of getting out of bed to eat when my breakfast came I just laid there.

8:30 am - pain was getting worse, Dalyn is debating whether to go in to work or not. Finally I decide the nurse needs to know. As I reach to get my button the doctor walks in, perfect person to tell!
  • they decide to hook me up to a monitor to see how quick things are coming.
  • doctor went ahead to check me. Still at a 2 cm. Says he will check back in an hour
10:15 am - turns out my anti-pardum nurse was a L&D nurse they pulled over just for the day. She checks me, I'm a 3! They quickly told us to get our stuff together that we are headed to L&D.

10:30 am - I get to L&D and things are chaos. Nurses are everywhere. We also decided now would be the time to call and get Dalyns mom and down here.

11 am-6 pm - Spent the remainder of the day with contractions only about 10-15 minutes apart. Was checked once and didn't really have much of a change. My doctor on call said they would keep me through the night in L&D and see what happened the next day.

7 pm - New (my favorite) doctor goes on call. He gives me permission to eat something and get up to take a shower. Says he'll be in to discuss things a little later on that night.

10 pm - After dinner and a shower, Dr comes in. Says him and Dr. G have talked and Dr. G's opinion is to send me back over to anti-pardum. Dr. T tells Dr. G he values his life more than to come tell me that. Smart man! He tells me he'll check me first thing in the morning and if things have progressed some he'll break my water and we'll get things rolling. He tells me to take something to get a good nights rest.

11:00 pm - Nurse gives me Nubane. Woah, it made me feel crazy!! I don't know that my hubby or I slept a ton but we did get some sleep. We were both so excited about possibly meeting our babies the next day.

.:.Wednesday, May 12, 2010.:.
5 am - my nurse comes in to check on me and I'm wide awake. She quickly tells me to catch some more sleep she doesn't think the doctor will be in for a few more hours. (she apparently doesn't know how long I've been waiting for this day to come)

7 am - in rolls my doctor. WOOHOO! upon check I am about 4 cm and before I know what's happening he's breaking my water. (is this really happening?!?) My nurse also lets me know that I can have an epidural at any time. They get the pitocin started but I decided to wait until I started feeling things before rushing into an epidural. I was also really nauseous so they gave me a shot of phenergan. It knocked me out.

9 am - I wake up needing to go to the bathroom. As soon as I get back to the bed I was in severe pain. About that time the nurse walked in and I told her I wanted my epidural. She gets the ball rolling.

9:30 am - Dr. M comes in and explains everything about the epidural. But anesthesiology needs bloodwork in order for me to get my epidural. You might know the nurse couldn't find my vein. She poked me a billion times, bless her because I was not a happy camper by that point. Finally she got blood.

10:30 am - Dr. M finally arrives back to give me my epidural. I am seriously one very uphappy camper by now. Amazing, miracle worker, Dr. M is done and has the epidural in within minutes. I loved him!! I was most scared about the epidural but it was the easiest part.

11 am - pain relief!!! Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nap time!!!!!

About 1:45ish - Dr T comes in to check me. Did I hear him say completely dilated?? Yep! just a small lip, says he'll be back in about 30 min and then he thinks we'll have babies.

About 2:15ish - Back he comes. Okay, let's push. Okay, let's stop pushing and get you to the OR suite. (They had me deliver in the OR suite just in case an emergency were to arise and they need to do a c-section, they were there and ready to go.)

About 2:45pm - We're set up and ready to push in the OR suite.

3:00 pm - Get the NICU teams there babies are coming

3:04 pm - Welcome to the world Finley Marie. She was crying before she was all the way out. I of course immediately lost it. Daddy gets to cut the cord and doctor hands her off and says she looks great.

3:05 - 3:15 - Stop pushing and wait for baby B. Looks like he's gonna stay head down, now he just needs to drop. In the meantime, NICU team says Finley looks great! Apgar score is 8 and she'll be going to the Newborn Nursery. Her 5 minutes Apgar score was 9. I also get to see and hold her!!

3:20 - Start to push again

3:29 - Welcome to the world Landry Knox. His cord was wrapped around his neck and he was so wiggly the doctor had a hard time getting it off. You can tell he is the little one. Daddy cuts his cord and doctor hands him off. His Apgar score was also 8 and after 5 minutes was a 9.

This is where things start to become a little bit blurry for me. I can see both babies and know everyone is doing great. I can remember the doctor delivering the placentas. I got to hold Finley and love her. Daddy soon brought Landry over for mommy to hold him but the doctor was massaging my uterus and I was so uncomfortable I was scared to hold him. I can only remember bits and pieces from here. I remember asking the doctors almost constantly if I was ok. I can remember them pulling a chair up for my hubby who by that point was holding both babies and then the next thing I know he said he's going with them to the nursery. Now at that point I realize something is not right, Dalyn had been very adamant before the delivery that if the babies were okay he would stay with me until I was back in the room. As soon as he walks out I hear the doctor as to have the anesthesiologist paged in along with some additional nurses. I also hear him asking for all these medicines. I can feel him massaging my uterus from the inside and out. Let me just say, not pleasant at all. Every time he brings his hand back out I can hear blood/fluid/whatever gush to the floor. Now, here is me panicking. I tell my L&D nurse I'm going to be sick. I start dry heaving. My AMAZING doctor, nurse and anesthesiologist continue to stay calm and collected and not long after the collection of drugs hit my system and everything is a blur from there until about 7 pm. I can remember people kind of coming and going once I was back in L&D but that's really it. I can remember the doctor checking on me for the last time before he switched off. I told him he really had me scared and in return he said I really had him scared too. The next thing I remember was about 8:30 or so my nurse was asking if I wanted to try and hold down some crackers and sprite. I did and it stayed down fine. I told my husband I was ready to see my babies but that we'd wait until his parents and my dad were there so everyone could be apart of the moment. A little while later his parents arrived and not long after that I got to hold my sweet sweet bundles of joy. It was the most perfect moment ever! Even though everyone was there it felt for a moment that it was just my husband and I. Later that night I got moved over to post-pardum and because I couldn't get out of bed decided it was best if the babies headed back to the nursery. My husband told me that I had lost about a liter and half of blood and that they were going to continue doing bloodwork and checking my vitals to make sure everything stayed stable and I didn't need a transfusion. Apparently after working so hard for 9 months my uterus pooped out as soon as the babies were delivered and quick contracting. That along with some hemorrhaging is what caused me to lose so much blood. Luckily, I didn't need blood but I was so weak for the first few days I could lift my legs off the floor to the bed. By Friday I was strong enough that I got up and sat in and chair and also bathed the babies. Saturday when the doctor came in he said it was my decision what I felt I was ready to do, he was okay with either me staying or going. After some discussion I decided I would feel much better in my own environment, esp after being in the hospital for almost a month.

I will say that even though the part after my delivery wasn't easy, I had a very easy labor and delivery. I would've never thought I could have delivered both these babies vaginally. My husband was an amazing support and I wouldn't have been able to do it without. I also would've never managed as well as I did without my amazing OB, L&D nurse and anesthesiologist. My team of people were unbelievable!! I also feel like I've bounced back really quickly at home. I've been really surprised and felt really blessed to have gotten back on my feet so quickly.

I may add things here and there but for now I think that captures everything and I hope one day the babies can look back and see a first hand account of how they made their way into the world!


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