Hospital Stay {Remainder of Day 15}

{Day 15 - May 6, 2010}

So after sitting around all afternoon about 3:30pm I sent my Dad home. I hadn't heard from my doctor and neither had my nurse so I had pretty much settled into the thought that the chance I was going home was pretty slim. About 5 pm in marched the doctor, finally! He said after consulting with some of the other doctors their main concern was that they would discharge me and I'd be back in just a matter of hours or days. But he said that I could go home if I wanted to or if I felt better being here they were perfectly fine with giving me a pass to go home for a couple of hours. I asked him to give me a little while to talk to my hubby. Don't worry that this should have been an easy decision, after all I was ready to go home and everything about my pre-eclampsia was stable. I immediately lost it and started crying. I think I cried for like an hour straight. I wasn't worried one bit about me, it was all about my babies. After all I have worked so hard to get them here healthy that I didn't want to be selfish and go home and something go wrong. Ultimately I felt like the hospital was the safest place for the babies. So I took the pass and went home for 3 hours last night. It was great to see my doggies and take a shower in my own shower. And I'm sad to say it didn't satisfy my desperate want to go home.

Now here I find myself this morning still debating with myself whether I want to go home or not. My husband is pretty much happy either way and feels like its my decision about where I feel the most comfortable. I may just try to get a long pass and go home for the whole afternoon Sunday. I'll update more on day 16 tomorrow. I also want to try and post about our choice for delivery and the plan as it stands now.


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