Unpredictable Life

So last night we had scheduled the babies newborn photos. Now normally my babies eat every three hours and fall asleep pretty much right after that. I thought I had everything planned out until I noticed Finley was pretty unsettled all afternoon. I had debated canceling but I thought we might as well try and see how it plays out. So my dad and I packed everything up, included the babies and headed off. My hubby was going to meet us there since it was about half way between work and home. I had planned on feeding the babies there so they would fall asleep and we could have a pretty good amount of time to take pictures. Well, you might know that after we fed them they were both wide awake. Finally, I got Finley to sleep and we started with some shots of her. A little while later Dalyn had Landry to sleep but everytime we would lay them down to try and get shots together he would scream. We did finally end up getting some shots of them outside and then we moved inside where Finley decided to be the cranky one. We didn't get a single shot of her inside but got some of Landry. In the end we decided to try again one day next week to see if both babies would cooperate a little more.

Now onto my next unpredictable event. I'm still getting my birth story together but in a quick recap I had some hemorrhaging and lost a good deal of blood. I received lots and lots of medicine and although I think I had a quick recovery I can tell I'm just now getting back to 100% me. Well, along with all that I tried pumping in the hospital because latching the babies on as bad as I felt was just to overwhelming. After trying I didn't get anything and my milk never came in once home. So I assumed all the trauma to my body had caused it not to come in. Well last night, 2 weeks to the day the babies were born, I noticed my breasts were extremely sore and hard. I just chalked it up to changing hormones. This morning I woke to realize that my milk was coming in. Two weeks later? After no stimulation? I didn't even think it was possible. Am I a freak of nature? So now after I had accepted the fact that I wouldn't be breastfeeding I'm left with making the decision on where to go from here. . . .

I'm normally a pretty planned, scheduled, predictable person so all this unpredictability is completely catching me off guard. But for once in my life I'm totally ok with it and have completely dealt with it in stride. I'm actually pretty proud of myself but I figure with twins I'd better get use to all the unpredictability.


Jenn said…
Girl pump and breastfeed! Use the milk while you have it coming in...it's so good for you and them! You can do it!

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