Hey All!

This is Casey, a friend of Dalyn and Jessica's. I am here to tell you that Jessica is in LABOR. I don't know a ton of details, but I spoke with Dalyn last night and was told that Jessica was in Labor & Delivery after having lots of painful contractions and some dialation. This morning, I got a phone call saying that the doctors have broken her water. So, it looks like Finley and Landry will be making their debut sometime today.

Please pray for a safe delivery of the babies! Remember that Jess has had some blood pressure/pre-eclampsia issues, so prayers for her safety are vital. Also, pray that the doctors will be guided in wisdom to make decisions best for all three of them!

I'll post updates as I hear them from the proud Papa!


WantWait&Pray said…
YAY! Can't wait to hear updates!!!!

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