2 Week Check-up

I am slowly but surely getting my post up of the babies birth. I'm almost there but its so long that it just has to come together when I can get it together. I took the babies to their two week check-up today and it looks like so far we are making successful parents.

Landry's Stats
Weight - 5 lb 6 oz (up 8 oz since birth)
Length - 18.75 in (up .55 in since birth)

Landry still has his umbilical cord attached. We did a new type of circumcision on him called Plastibell. I don't really know much of what the difference is other than its suppose to make a 'prettier' circumcision. But they place a little plastic bell on there and it fell off last night (5/27/2010).

Finley's Stats
Weight - 5 lb 13 oz (up 2 oz since birth)
Length - 19 in (up 1 in since birth)

Finley lost her umbilical cord on Saturday (5/24/2010). She got to take her first tub bath last night (5/26/2010) and she absolutely loved it!! I had a feeling she would. She has so much hair that we've been having to rinse it under the sink and she loves it so I was pretty sure she would love actually being in water. We also have a little tub that comes with a sprayer which she loved too.

At 2 weeks both babies are feeding about 3 oz every 3 hours and are on the exact same schedule. Landry is the smiley, content baby. Finley is content but she also cries to be cuddled with a lot more. As long as my boy is changed and fed he's a happy little man. Finley is also the one who is awake a lot more. They both love their swings, best money we could've spent! They also don't mind their carseats and fall right asleep in the car. Landry is taking a paci but Finley doesn't care to much for it. The doctor said today that because both babies are doing so great she is okay not to see us back until our 2 month check-up.




Jessilyn said…
oh they are both so cute already ;)
Stefanie said…
YAYYYY!! I can't believe Landry is 5.5 lbs already! He is catching up to Ms. Finley! I want to come visit next week sometime if you're not busy! :)

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