Hospital Stay {Day 16 - Day 18}

Day 16 {May 7, 2010} - Day 18 {May 9, 2010}

I guessed you noticed I'm still blogging which means, yes, I am still in the hospital. Ultimately, I knew the end wasn't to much further away and that I felt safest for the babies to be here. I don't have a ton to update on because thankfully the weekend was pretty quite. I mean, as quite as it gets around the hospital.

Friday I had a BPP and both babies looked perfect. Still scoring 8 out of 8. They are just as happy as can be inside their momma. At this point I really think they wouldn't come until 40 weeks if we'd wait that long. I think physically I could probably carry them until then, but you couldn't pay me a million dollars to lay in this hospital bed another 3 weeks. Okay, really who am I kidding, maybe a million but no less. ;-) Friday my hubby brought us Outback and it was divine!! I'm getting so tired of hospital food, so steak and baked potato was a welcome treat.

Saturday we spent the day getting outside. It was beautiful here Saturday so we went to sit outside several times. We had breakfast at this little coffee shop place and it was so good. It was like a real breakfast and not a hospital breakfast. We laid around in our room and watching several movies on Saturday too.

Sunday I woke up seeing a few spots (symptom of pre-eclampsia). My blood pressure was a little elevated but not nearly as bad as its been before. I told my nurse I though we'd head down to have breakfast. Well, by the time we had gotten back my doctor had gotten wind that I was seeing spots and my b/p was high and he was very unhappy with me. So needless to say he doesn't want me out of bed going to the cafeteria or anywhere else. Does he know I'm gonna go insane laying in this room?? Clearly not!! Dalyn had to go home and get some laundry done, I was running out of pjs. Also, we had only packed preemie clothes for the babies so I had him exchange them out for some newborn. In comparison it doesn't look like there is much difference between preemie and newborn but I was to have some of each to be safe.

And that pretty much sums up our low key weekend at the hospital. On the upside we are on the countdown to delivery and I got most of our plans this morning from our doctor. When I do today's update I will be sure to include those plans in it. Hope all the mommies and mommies to be out there had a wonderful mothers day!! Have a good week everyone!


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