Labor & Delivery

From the moment we first found out we were having twins, I knew that labor and delivery might not be what I always thought it would be. We kept an open mind for a good while and as the pregnancy progressed Baby B(our boy) continued to stay transverse. Our doctors had initially talked about a c-section and overtime my mind settled into having a c-section. I was pretty accepting of it because I knew its what needed to be done for a safe and quick delivery of both babies. About a month ago or a little longer Landry decided to cooperate and flip around to be head down. I didn't really talk much about it with the doctors because I decided I would kind of wait it out a little long to see if that's where is was going to settle. Well, here we are almost at the finish line and my babies have completely cooperated to both be head down. So we made the decision a few weeks ago that we were going to try and labor. Let me tell you I'm not interested in winning any awards for this delivery so if we labor over 8-12 hours and nothing really happens then we'll switch gears and do a c-section. I also fully intend to still have an epidural, again I'm not interested in winning awards. We've been prepped and prepared for what things will be like. We will have two NICU teams to look over the babies, a full team from anesthesiology, the doctors, nurses and finally my hubby. We won't be allowed to have any additional family because clearly the room is already going to be packed to the max. My hopes are that after making it this long that the babies won't even have to leave our side though. Now if something were to happen and baby b flipped after baby a came out then we would have to do a c-section. There are also several other 'worse case scenarios' that I'm not going to dwell on but just mentally prepare for. So I just thought I would document and let y'all in on what we hope will happen during labor and delivery. Please keep us in your prayers that things go smoothly.


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