Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Food Allergies

Well, I think we've officially crossed all highly allergic foods off our list and I'm happy to announce we seem to be allergy-free. (i hope im not gonna jinx myself) Neither the hubs nor I have allergies but for some reason I was terrified of my kids having allergies. I know so many kids with allergies and their parents are always on edge. I guess I was afraid I would get OCD over it and my kids would never get to explore tastes and foods!

After a semi-scary experience a fees weeks back at Olive Garden where we thought we were experiencing a shrimp allergy, I decided to let Landry try shrimp this last week. Oh my goodness, he chowed down! I don't know if I've ever seen that little boy eat so much. Finley just, egh, liked them ok. I've since then fixed them shrimp for dinner and still a huge hit!! I'm so happy I can add some other meat(kinda) to my regular menu.

It also really makes my heart smile at how much my boy loves seafood! My mom LOVED seafood when she was alive. We use to have it at least once or twice a week. She could steam the best crap legs! She would be so proud of how much her grandson loves seafood too!!

I have a couple new recipes to add to 'what to feed 'em' so check back tomorrow for those!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

iPhone Apps

This title could be misleading because I'm sure these apps may also be available on android or whatever type phone you have, I just am not familiar with them.

I've been wanting to write a post for a while about iPhone apps I have that I love! You know, those apps you use on an everyday basis. I thought I would break it into two sections; mommy apps and kiddos apps.

Mommy Apps:
1. Of course my social networkings apps, where would I be without them! Haha. Facebook and twitter

2. My blogger apps that I love. In case you don't notice at the bottom of a lot of my post they come from my iPhone. I use BlogPress for writing posts and then I use an app called BlogReader to read the blogs I follow on a daily basis. BlogReader is a bit tedious at first because you have to manually enter all the site addresses but once entered your good to go. You can even comment on blogs the way you normally would on the computer.

3. Gossip apps! Haha this one is a bit ridiculous! I use People magazine and TMZ app to get my daily doses of celebrity gossip.

4. Photography apps! My most favorite app by far and wide is Instagram. But I also have picplz which is similar.

5. Shopping apps! I love a good deal, I mean who doesn't? So one of my most favorite shopping apps is amazon deals. They run deals on their websites on there and they have some pretty awesome deals. I also love my eBay app. I buy and sell a lot of stuff on eBay so I love having it on my phone on the go! I'm also obsessed with Etsy and for my Etsy shopping I love Etsy Lovers. Best of all they just added a new upgrade where you can now purchase directly from the app.

6. I could've probably grouped this in the blog section but I've been wanting to write a dedicated post to this so I'll give it it's own number instead. I recently joined the Twin Stuff community. If you are a twin mom or even triplets or quads you definitely need to check it out. It's www.twinstuff.com. And it's totally free to join. It's an amazing forum group of women and some men I think, who are just here to provide support, encouragement, advice, etc. If you have a question or are dealing with a problem it's a great place to go for advice. So I have an app called IPB, and I can read the forums on TwinStuff without having to have a computer.

Kids Apps:
I've just started allowing the kids to play some games on my phone. Mostly because they're still not really careful with it. But I have been giving them more and more freedom to sit in my lap and play games on it. So here is a quick list of games I have downloaded that seem to be pretty age appropriate and that they like.

1. Peekaboo Barn - I think there are several 'Peekaboo' apps but for now they love Peekaboo Barn and have it completely figured out. We've even learned what a cow and dog says from it.

2. I Hear Ewe - This is similar to Peekaboo Barn. I would say its just ok, but they have a lot more sounds.

3. DoodleBuddy - Landry for what ever reason LOVES this app. He just laughs as he draws. Finley, however, is not some impressed.

4. abc Lite - although they can't quite get into it I see it being a great app in the future. I think you might have to buy the full version to get the whole alphabet but I'm not positive.

5. Play Phone - the kids love to press numbers on the phone, however, mommy doesn't care to dial 911 on a regular basis. So they love this app and it's also good for learning.

6. Baby Piano - they absolutely love this app! Landry loves music period so anything that he can make music with is a hit in his book.

That's all I have for now! Hope you enjoyed seeing my most favorite iPhone apps. What are yours?

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week in Review {week 3}

This week we tried something new. It's not often that we are trying new things in the house but I ran across Nutella at the grocery store the other day. I had never tried it and the babies had never either. So I grabbed us a jar! Oh my, we had no idea what we're missing!!!! I loved it and they loved it! The proof is in the pictures . . . .

We've discovered that for whatever reason Finley is always carrying something around when she walks. My grandmother says it helps balance her but I have no idea!

Landry on the other hand finds it much easier to carry it in his mouth!

We've been trying to teach the concept of "share", however when it comes to his truck he has none of it!

Oh! I purchased a new stroller this week. I wanted a lite-weight side by side and after a lot of weight I got the Baby Jogger City Mini. I love my Baby Jogger City Select so I figured I couldn't go wrong with another. It's probably a little bigger than I wanted for a side by side but I also wanted something that I could get some miles out of. It retails new for $429 but I found on on Craiglist about 30 minutes from my house and got it for $260!! It's 2011 model and in excellent shape! I can't wait to get to use it and see what the babies think of it!

Finley is having this thing about removing her own diaper whenever she can get to it. We haven't had any accidents and it hasn't happened when it's dirty so its not been a big deal really. The other night she came marching into the living room from her bedroom and when I looked up this is what I saw . . . .

This is what the weather was like this past week. Hot & Humid! luckily we didn't get rain and storms everyday! If you'll notice I took this at 10:30 and it was already 80!

I just love these dimples!! They melt my heart away!

I've also been lovin' on the instagram app on my phone for a few months now. I don't know if it's available on android or blackberry but if you have an iPhone you should def try it. This is the picture above changed with it.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Pro

YouTube Video

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Could They Be?

ANY CUTIER!!???? Maybe it's just because they're mine.

We did the babies one year pictures Friday, or I guess I should say we started them! And we got a sneak peek over the weekend! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE having their pictures taken. I stress about it so much but I am always so pleased with the results. We did 3 outfits this time and then I have 3 more for the follow-up shoot. What can I say I have a hard time deciding! So here is the sneak peek!

I found these outfits at BRU and although daddy wasn't crazy about them I couldn't help myself! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Week in Review {Week 2}

We went to a cookout of a good friend's last week. Her twinies had this table and my kiddos were all over it. Since we had some extra b-day money left over for them we decided it would be a good investment and something that would grow with them. Plus the top pops off and makes a sand/water table. They love it and we do lots of snacks there!

Our Mothers of Multiples group is doing a cookbook fundraiser. It went to print this week and we got the proof. It's so cute with tons of great recipes. If your interested in purchasing one, they are $10 and I'll ship it to you for free (shameless plug)

My busy-bee. 

Correction: busy bees

We had the babies one year pictures done on Friday and I couldn't resist giving you a peek at one of their many outfits! Official pictures to come!

This little girl use to be terrified of a hat. Her wearing it or anyone else. Now she loves to try on daddy's hats!

Happy Father's Day!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pidder Patter

I would say Finley has been an 'official' walker for about a week now. She's been standing up, sans help, and walking until she falls and then crawling the rest of the way. Well, last week the light switched came on and she just started walking full time.

Landry has been doing about the same. Standing up walking 4-8 steps and plopping down to crawl. Well, yesterday the light switch went off for him too and he's been cruising around the house all morning!

Oh BOY! They are busy bees now! As if they weren't already into everything, now they realize they can reach on top of tables and all kinds of fun stuff. NOW the "official" baby-proofing begins. I'm about to go buy a cheap-o trash can that will fit in our pantry so the kiddos will leave it alone! And I guess we'll just store our nice one until it's not quite as intriguing.

The babies turned 13 months last week, so I'm hoping to get that post up soon but my week in review is coming a little later today.

Happy Monday!!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Week in Review {Week 1}

I saw something similar to this recently and thought it was a neat idea. So I'm gonna borrow it :-) I take literally tons of photos and videos with my phone each week. It's just always handy. So each week I'm gonna do a week in review through my iPhone lens. And so here's week 1!

Don't you love they have the exact same expression on their faces?

Always busy!

My excellent parenting skills. Don't be jealous!

What mom?

Taking a second to watch TV!

I took this to show Dalyn that I save more than I spent! Haha

End of an era. I packed all my bottles and put them on eBay this week. Sad day, but I'm kind of glad to see them go.

Testing out their new eating utensils!

Who needs forks?

Our projects for the last few weekends. We're almost done. Just waiting on a decal so we cam poly it. Oh and it's cornhole boards for those of u that are like, huh?

Most amazing sky ever! Yes, I really took this. Yes, it was just with my iPhone and not some fancy camera.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Okay, my wonderful blog readers! My Mothers of Multiples group has started their year fundraiser. We are selling cookbooks! They are great books and have about 150 recipes. We are selling them for $10 and the profits will go to help local twin families! Most all of the recipes are easy and family friendly! I've already fed my kiddos several recipes out of it!! I'll ship it anywhere in the US for free! Email me at jessicawebb01@gmail.com for more details or to purchase one!!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome To The World. . .

Stella Marie Bradshaw
Born June 2, 2011 at 7:40 AM
6lb 14oz 19 1/4in

One of my best friends, Casey, welcomed her third beautiful child into the world today! I was so over-joyed this morning that I cried. Casey was an amazing support for me through infertility, pregnancy and now motherhood. I can't imagine not having her by my side. It makes my heart ache so bad that I couldn't be there today and that I don't know when I'll get the chance to meet Miss Stella. We got to help them welcome Liam, their second, into the world, so we are sad we couldn't be there to meet Stella. But we are so thrilled for Jonathan, Casey, Nora & Liam and we can't wait to get to Knoxville and meet Stella! Love you guys!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Schedule {12 months}

So I was trying to remember what the babies schedule was at around 4ish months the other day and I realized I couldn't! YIKES!! I also quickly came to realize that I don't think I had it documented anywhere either. So this time next year when someone asks me what our 12 month schedule was like I'm going to have it written down! haha So here is what our daily schedule looks like. . .

9 ish - Wake-up - - Good Morning, Sleepy Heads !!

9ish-9:30ish - Breakfast

9:30ish-10:30ish - Play-time

10:30ish - Snack

11ish-1:30ish - Nap-time

1:30ish-2:00ish - Lunch (yes, we eat a really late lunch but it works for us!)

2:00ish-3:00ish - Play-time

3:00ish- Snack

3:30ish-5:30ish - Nap-time

5:30ish-6:00ish - Babies Dinner Time

6:30ish-7:00ish - Parents Dinner Time (we usually still sit the babies in their high chair with us at the dinner table and they have a snack during this time)

8:30ish-9:00ish - Bath-time, Snack&Sippy-time

9:00ish-9:30ish - Bed-time

So there you have it. At the moment I'm considering going back to work, so I think it may change very soon but for now it works GREAT for us!!