The Week in Review {Week 2}

We went to a cookout of a good friend's last week. Her twinies had this table and my kiddos were all over it. Since we had some extra b-day money left over for them we decided it would be a good investment and something that would grow with them. Plus the top pops off and makes a sand/water table. They love it and we do lots of snacks there!

Our Mothers of Multiples group is doing a cookbook fundraiser. It went to print this week and we got the proof. It's so cute with tons of great recipes. If your interested in purchasing one, they are $10 and I'll ship it to you for free (shameless plug)

My busy-bee. 

Correction: busy bees

We had the babies one year pictures done on Friday and I couldn't resist giving you a peek at one of their many outfits! Official pictures to come!

This little girl use to be terrified of a hat. Her wearing it or anyone else. Now she loves to try on daddy's hats!

Happy Father's Day!

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ap said…
Darling darling babies! P and C have those same pjs too! I'd love a cookbook. Email me details on how I should pay.;-)

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