Our Schedule {12 months}

So I was trying to remember what the babies schedule was at around 4ish months the other day and I realized I couldn't! YIKES!! I also quickly came to realize that I don't think I had it documented anywhere either. So this time next year when someone asks me what our 12 month schedule was like I'm going to have it written down! haha So here is what our daily schedule looks like. . .

9 ish - Wake-up - - Good Morning, Sleepy Heads !!

9ish-9:30ish - Breakfast

9:30ish-10:30ish - Play-time

10:30ish - Snack

11ish-1:30ish - Nap-time

1:30ish-2:00ish - Lunch (yes, we eat a really late lunch but it works for us!)

2:00ish-3:00ish - Play-time

3:00ish- Snack

3:30ish-5:30ish - Nap-time

5:30ish-6:00ish - Babies Dinner Time

6:30ish-7:00ish - Parents Dinner Time (we usually still sit the babies in their high chair with us at the dinner table and they have a snack during this time)

8:30ish-9:00ish - Bath-time, Snack&Sippy-time

9:00ish-9:30ish - Bed-time

So there you have it. At the moment I'm considering going back to work, so I think it may change very soon but for now it works GREAT for us!!


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