Week in Review {week 3}

This week we tried something new. It's not often that we are trying new things in the house but I ran across Nutella at the grocery store the other day. I had never tried it and the babies had never either. So I grabbed us a jar! Oh my, we had no idea what we're missing!!!! I loved it and they loved it! The proof is in the pictures . . . .

We've discovered that for whatever reason Finley is always carrying something around when she walks. My grandmother says it helps balance her but I have no idea!

Landry on the other hand finds it much easier to carry it in his mouth!

We've been trying to teach the concept of "share", however when it comes to his truck he has none of it!

Oh! I purchased a new stroller this week. I wanted a lite-weight side by side and after a lot of weight I got the Baby Jogger City Mini. I love my Baby Jogger City Select so I figured I couldn't go wrong with another. It's probably a little bigger than I wanted for a side by side but I also wanted something that I could get some miles out of. It retails new for $429 but I found on on Craiglist about 30 minutes from my house and got it for $260!! It's 2011 model and in excellent shape! I can't wait to get to use it and see what the babies think of it!

Finley is having this thing about removing her own diaper whenever she can get to it. We haven't had any accidents and it hasn't happened when it's dirty so its not been a big deal really. The other night she came marching into the living room from her bedroom and when I looked up this is what I saw . . . .

This is what the weather was like this past week. Hot & Humid! luckily we didn't get rain and storms everyday! If you'll notice I took this at 10:30 and it was already 80!

I just love these dimples!! They melt my heart away!

I've also been lovin' on the instagram app on my phone for a few months now. I don't know if it's available on android or blackberry but if you have an iPhone you should def try it. This is the picture above changed with it.

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