The Week in Review {Week 1}

I saw something similar to this recently and thought it was a neat idea. So I'm gonna borrow it :-) I take literally tons of photos and videos with my phone each week. It's just always handy. So each week I'm gonna do a week in review through my iPhone lens. And so here's week 1!

Don't you love they have the exact same expression on their faces?

Always busy!

My excellent parenting skills. Don't be jealous!

What mom?

Taking a second to watch TV!

I took this to show Dalyn that I save more than I spent! Haha

End of an era. I packed all my bottles and put them on eBay this week. Sad day, but I'm kind of glad to see them go.

Testing out their new eating utensils!

Who needs forks?

Our projects for the last few weekends. We're almost done. Just waiting on a decal so we cam poly it. Oh and it's cornhole boards for those of u that are like, huh?

Most amazing sky ever! Yes, I really took this. Yes, it was just with my iPhone and not some fancy camera.


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