Pidder Patter

I would say Finley has been an 'official' walker for about a week now. She's been standing up, sans help, and walking until she falls and then crawling the rest of the way. Well, last week the light switched came on and she just started walking full time.

Landry has been doing about the same. Standing up walking 4-8 steps and plopping down to crawl. Well, yesterday the light switch went off for him too and he's been cruising around the house all morning!

Oh BOY! They are busy bees now! As if they weren't already into everything, now they realize they can reach on top of tables and all kinds of fun stuff. NOW the "official" baby-proofing begins. I'm about to go buy a cheap-o trash can that will fit in our pantry so the kiddos will leave it alone! And I guess we'll just store our nice one until it's not quite as intriguing.

The babies turned 13 months last week, so I'm hoping to get that post up soon but my week in review is coming a little later today.

Happy Monday!!

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Kendra said…
Oh here goes nothing!! Both mine started walking right about 13 months too and I SWEAR I am on my feet chasing them around every second they are awake! ha! But, seriously, I still maintain it's easier than having two newborns!!! =)

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