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This title could be misleading because I'm sure these apps may also be available on android or whatever type phone you have, I just am not familiar with them.

I've been wanting to write a post for a while about iPhone apps I have that I love! You know, those apps you use on an everyday basis. I thought I would break it into two sections; mommy apps and kiddos apps.

Mommy Apps:
1. Of course my social networkings apps, where would I be without them! Haha. Facebook and twitter

2. My blogger apps that I love. In case you don't notice at the bottom of a lot of my post they come from my iPhone. I use BlogPress for writing posts and then I use an app called BlogReader to read the blogs I follow on a daily basis. BlogReader is a bit tedious at first because you have to manually enter all the site addresses but once entered your good to go. You can even comment on blogs the way you normally would on the computer.

3. Gossip apps! Haha this one is a bit ridiculous! I use People magazine and TMZ app to get my daily doses of celebrity gossip.

4. Photography apps! My most favorite app by far and wide is Instagram. But I also have picplz which is similar.

5. Shopping apps! I love a good deal, I mean who doesn't? So one of my most favorite shopping apps is amazon deals. They run deals on their websites on there and they have some pretty awesome deals. I also love my eBay app. I buy and sell a lot of stuff on eBay so I love having it on my phone on the go! I'm also obsessed with Etsy and for my Etsy shopping I love Etsy Lovers. Best of all they just added a new upgrade where you can now purchase directly from the app.

6. I could've probably grouped this in the blog section but I've been wanting to write a dedicated post to this so I'll give it it's own number instead. I recently joined the Twin Stuff community. If you are a twin mom or even triplets or quads you definitely need to check it out. It's www.twinstuff.com. And it's totally free to join. It's an amazing forum group of women and some men I think, who are just here to provide support, encouragement, advice, etc. If you have a question or are dealing with a problem it's a great place to go for advice. So I have an app called IPB, and I can read the forums on TwinStuff without having to have a computer.

Kids Apps:
I've just started allowing the kids to play some games on my phone. Mostly because they're still not really careful with it. But I have been giving them more and more freedom to sit in my lap and play games on it. So here is a quick list of games I have downloaded that seem to be pretty age appropriate and that they like.

1. Peekaboo Barn - I think there are several 'Peekaboo' apps but for now they love Peekaboo Barn and have it completely figured out. We've even learned what a cow and dog says from it.

2. I Hear Ewe - This is similar to Peekaboo Barn. I would say its just ok, but they have a lot more sounds.

3. DoodleBuddy - Landry for what ever reason LOVES this app. He just laughs as he draws. Finley, however, is not some impressed.

4. abc Lite - although they can't quite get into it I see it being a great app in the future. I think you might have to buy the full version to get the whole alphabet but I'm not positive.

5. Play Phone - the kids love to press numbers on the phone, however, mommy doesn't care to dial 911 on a regular basis. So they love this app and it's also good for learning.

6. Baby Piano - they absolutely love this app! Landry loves music period so anything that he can make music with is a hit in his book.

That's all I have for now! Hope you enjoyed seeing my most favorite iPhone apps. What are yours?

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