Food Allergies

Well, I think we've officially crossed all highly allergic foods off our list and I'm happy to announce we seem to be allergy-free. (i hope im not gonna jinx myself) Neither the hubs nor I have allergies but for some reason I was terrified of my kids having allergies. I know so many kids with allergies and their parents are always on edge. I guess I was afraid I would get OCD over it and my kids would never get to explore tastes and foods!

After a semi-scary experience a fees weeks back at Olive Garden where we thought we were experiencing a shrimp allergy, I decided to let Landry try shrimp this last week. Oh my goodness, he chowed down! I don't know if I've ever seen that little boy eat so much. Finley just, egh, liked them ok. I've since then fixed them shrimp for dinner and still a huge hit!! I'm so happy I can add some other meat(kinda) to my regular menu.

It also really makes my heart smile at how much my boy loves seafood! My mom LOVED seafood when she was alive. We use to have it at least once or twice a week. She could steam the best crap legs! She would be so proud of how much her grandson loves seafood too!!

I have a couple new recipes to add to 'what to feed 'em' so check back tomorrow for those!

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