Friday, February 26, 2010

Pregnancy - Week 25

I'm gonna start my week 25 post with a funny/embarrassing story.

So for those of you who know me outside of just the blogging world you know that pre-pregnancy I weighed all of 115lbs at 5'3." I've been small all my life, when I got married I barely weighed 100 lbs. So you would imagine, tight spaces have never been an issue for me. My hubby always use to glare at me when I'd sneak through a tight space and he had to walk around :-). Well last night I got a little taste of my own medicine. We decided to go out for a little Mexican last night, yum yum! Well the lady goes to seat us in a booth and me being me, I never looks twice when she said 'is this ok?' HA! Well when I went to sit down I couldn't. Yes, you guessed it, the booth was so tight that once my hubby sat down I couldn't get my belly wedged between the seat and the table. The poor waitress tried to help by scooting my booth back some but it didn't help. We had to request to be moved to a different table :-( Of course I was laughing the entire time because never could I have imagine I would have trouble 'fitting' somewhere. The ladies at the adjacent booth got quite the kick out of it too!! Just goes to prove again 'there's a first time for everything!'

How far along: 25 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: 38.6 lbs
Maternity clothes: At this point I think this is kind of a silly question! I'm now having to buy bigger sized maternity clothes!
Stretch marks: Yes, ugh :-( I have them on the lower part of my belly. I'm not thrilled about them but I'm starting to accept that its just part of carrying two healthy, p
Sleeping: I've been sleeping a little more decent lately. I get up about twice a night to pee and normally about twice a night to re-adjust my position and pillows.
Best moment last week: Our BABY SHOWER!! I couldn't have imagined it turning out any better. Our babies were showered with so much love it amazes me still.
Symptoms: Heartburn/acid reflux, constipation, lack of energy, some hip pain
Food cravings: I currently love any type of orange flavored drink. I go through a big thing of Gatorade in about 2 days! I also want something to drink constantly.
Food aversions: Nothing
I miss: nothing! I couldn't be happier.
What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery finished and organized. Our next shower in a few weeks. Making it to 32 weeks, I feel like when I get there I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.
Body Changes: I still have a linea nigra, it hasn't been getting any darker so I think maybe its as dark as it will be. Of course my belly is changing what feels like daily. And I am now getting stretch marks.
Other Thoughts: I had been feeling some pressure and contractions over the last week. Turns out that Miss Finley had herself lodged right on top of my cervix. No wonder I felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks down there. The doctor said naturally with where she was I would have some mild contractions. Luckily, Wednesday night she moved so yesterday and today I've felt a great deal of relief. Everyday that gets closer to my due date I breath a little bigger sigh of relief. I worry almost constantly of going into labor early and an praying that things continue to go as well as they have. At this point I could even deal with bed rest to the end to get them here healthy and plump! As I said in my earlier post, I am sad that this journey is coming to a close but I can't wait to begin the next one!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

100 Days to Go

180 days ago I started this journey and never thought it would be quite as amazing as it has been. Or nearly as easy as its been so far. Initially, I questioned if I was ready to start treatments again; I questioned if I was prepared if heartbreak should occur again; I questioned if I was meant to carry a child of my own; I questioned everything about the journey. But God gave me the most amazing peace once we started. It was just like I felt everything was meant to happen. Yet I had no idea if it really would.

So after all that here I am 100 days (realistically I know its probably more like 86 or so but we're going with 100) from the end of this amazing journey and I find myself in constant awe of this entire process. I've had an amazing pregnancy so far and loved every second of being pregnant so I'm sad to see these days start clicking away even faster but at the same time I can't wait to get my babies here healthy. Its such a bitter-sweet process. Right now I feel them with me constantly and I know I can do everything in my power to protect them and know their safe. But in 100 days I feel like I'll lose a little of that control and it scares me like crazy. I have a whole new set of crazy questions. I ask Dalyn the other night, I said 'What if I forget to feed one of them.' The laughed and assured me they wouldn't let me forget.

So as the days roll by I'm trying to savor every last memory of this pregnancy. I know that this may possibly be the last time I'm ever pregnant in my life so I want to enjoy it completely!Here's to celebrating the next 99 days to the fullest and delivering health plump little ones!!

Showered With Love - Part I

As you all know we had our babies' shower this weekend and we can not describe the outpouring of love and support we felt all weekend. Saturday morning when we woke up I was so in awe of what the day was about to bring I couldn't help but be emotional. After all I had waited for this moment for over two years and to imagine it finally coming true felt like such a distant dream. I seemed like it took me all morning to get myself composed and get to the shower which started at 12. Yes, I was late to my own baby shower. When I got there so many people had already arrived and the gift table was already over-flowing! I felt myself starting to lose it again. I have no idea how I managed but I didn't cry the entire shower. I think there was just so much love and joy in the room for my babies that it made me so overjoyed I couldn't think of shedding even a happy tear. So without further a due here are some pictures from the shower. I will try to get more on here as they roll in.

Here are my four beautiful hostesses. From left is Casey Bradshaw, Teresa Vreeland, Ashley Belcher and Pat Webb.

Teresa made these table center pieces. They were like diaper cupcakes. And she hand-painted the ribbon to match the theme. Talk about talented.
This was the cupcake tower. Casey and Ashley spent a good 3 hours the day before getting all these frosted and the fondant on them. The husband's even chipped in and helped us color some fondant. It turned out perfectly!

This was the topper. We ended up deciding to freeze it so the babies could have it for their first birthdays! It may not taste great but it will be something they can tear into.

Casey putting my corsage on.

Ready to get the celebration started!
The husbands, who didn't really want to stay but ended up staying and I think they kind of enjoyed themselves.

A few of the people who came to shower our babies with love!

Stay tuned for pics of us opening gifts, all the gifts we received and photos with friends.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catch Up

Where to start?

24 Week Update
* Getting more uncomfortable by the week
* Dealing with lack of sleep, heart burn/acid reflux, constipation and a few Braxton Hicks!
* Craving anything liquid but it must be ice cold. Most of all Coca-Cola
* Sleeping propped up in bed some nights to try to deal with heart burn/acid reflux.
* Had the most amazing maternity photo session this week.
* Feeling my babies kick constantly and in some not so comfortable areas.
* Turning 25 weeks makes me overjoyed. Every week is another week closer to healthy, plump little babies.

25 Week 2 Day Doctor Appt
* Weight 153.6 lbs. Up 38.6 lbs. Doc says I'll probably only gain maybe 10-15 more lbs.
* BP - 120/63 - still perfect.
* Finley's HB - 145 Landry's HB - 137
* Both weigh right at 2 lbs a piece. 4 gram difference between the two. Finley is the bigger one.
* Finley is head down, right on my cervix. Landry is transverse with his head to my left.
* Got to take a peak at them in 4D. Finley flashed us a smile!! and she has sweet little dimples. Landry refused to cooperate so we didn't get to see much of him.
* Doctor says plan on cutting back at work in about 4-5 weeks.
* He guesstimates that if I make it to about 36 weeks they should weigh between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 lbs.
* Things are going so well he thinks we can wait another two week for my next appt.
* They gave me a rx for acid reflux, HALLELUJAH!!!

I had my first baby shower this weekend. I promise to post pics as soon as I start getting some from the lovely people who snapped them for me. I also promise to get some pics posted on here from our maternity shoot.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Promise not to stalk me???

I've really been wanting to get my maternity pictures on here but since we're going out of town this weekend time is slipping away from me fast. I posted a link to my Facebook page where I uploaded them last night. Until I can get a chance to upload them here, feel free to surf over to my FB page and take a look at the album. You should just be able to click on the link and get directly there.

Oh and I have to give credit where its due. These pictures would not be possible without our amazing photographer Eric Jones. If any of you live in the Eastern NC area and need photos for anything, I would highly highly recommend him. His website is

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I got some of my maternity photos back today and wow they are unbelievable. I'm hoping to get to add some of them to the blog tonights.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day. I don't get into the whole flowers, cards and chocolate thing. I think its an excuse for stores to charge outrageous prices for stuff. This morning I got up and fixed my hubby some breakfast and in he came with a little box. I had very little of an idea he had bought me anything. But give him two thumbs up, he got me a prenatal massage!!! I cannot wait to go have it.

We spent the day at a maternity shoot. Yesterday morning we woke up to about 4 in of snow and our photographers called us and said he found this amazing Christmas tree farm, so we shot some yesterday and then finished up the rest today. We got a sneak peak of yesterday and they were so unbelievable that I cannot wait to see what they all turn out like. Yes, its a tad early for a maternity shoot but I wanted to make sure I got one in plus my mother in law wanted a few maternity pics for my upcoming shower this weekend. I decided to go ahead with this one now and if I still feel up to it in a couple of months I may to a much shorter version just to get some shots right before the babies arrive. Be sure to keep checking back, I'll get some posted on here as soon as I get them back.

Lastly, we have our biggest baby shower coming up this weekend. Its back home with all of our family and friends. I hope all this crazy snowy weather holds off and everyone gets to come out for it. I'll post more about it next week once we get back home.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sneak Peak

Our nursery isn't close to being done. We still need a chair, changer, wall decor and to touch up paint. So until that's complete here is just a small preview of the finished product to come.

The babies closet. We bought the dresser to use as a changer but the room wasn't big enough for it. Luckily it fit perfectly in the closet, so we're just going to get a small changer for in the room.

Miss Finley's crib

Mr Landry's crib

All of their clothes already! And that doesn't include a stack that wasn't hung up on top of the dresser.

Pregnancy - Week 23

I had a lady ask me if I was due any day now.
Before I responded with twins I said June, her eyes were as big as watermelons.
I told her twins.
She said well that's not quite as bad as it looks.

Yes, I'm starting to feel quite large. And yes, now EVERYONE points it out to me.

I decided I would do a little different 23 weeks post, esp since I'm late.

I have:
an outie belly button now
some stretch marks across the bottom of my belly :-/
heartburn/acid reflux almost constantly
been feeling the most amazing, strong almost constant movements this week
gained almost more weight than to drs wanted me to gain my entire pregnancy :-0
almost no more maternity clothes that still fit right
gone up a shoe size since becoming pregnant
been so blessed by God during this pregnancy
have the most amazing supportive friends and family
have the most loving, caring, supportive husband. i couldn't have made it this far without him

I am:
loving every moment pregnancy has to offer

I hope:
that our babies feel as lucky to have us as we do to have them
that God helps me/us make it another 12 more weeks
that our babies are healthy
that i can continue to enjoy every moment of pregnancy even as I get bigger

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Doctor's Appointment - 23 weeks, 3 days

I had a routine doctor's appointment today. It was definitely routine. My doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing. I told him I wish I could know what would keep them in there for another 15 weeks. Both the babies heartbeats sounded great, one was about 160 and the other about 140 which is about what they've been for a while. So now to the really drastic parts. . . . my official weight. . . . 150.6 lbs. That's 35.6 total pounds so far and 9 lbs in the last two weeks. He measured my belly and I'm still measuring about 4 1/2 weeks ahead at 28 weeks. All in all he said everything was going perfectly. I'll have another appointment and growth scan in two weeks and then will start going every week after that. So along with my drastic weight gain I thought it was way past time for another belly pic. So here are the ones that the hubby took. (Please pardon the pj pants, they are to comfy not to change into when I get home. Also I'm not sure what the face is about in the last pic but I thought it was to funny not to post it.) This is also a sneak peak at our nursery. I'm trying to get a post together about it. We're done except for some touch up, a rocker and small decorations around the room.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pregnancy - Week 22

How far along: 22 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: 32 lbs. That's not completely official but that's what the scales here at work say. I'm almost to the 150 mark.
Maternity clothes: Okay so let me just share a tid-bit that nobodies ever shared with me before. . . your maternity clothes that you think are going to fit for the entire 9 mos, yeah, with twins they don't! I'm starting to outgrow everything it seems like. I've had to buy new panties, some new (bigger) tops, pants, shoes, EVERYTHING!!!
Stretch marks: Still none on the belly but definitely have them on my hips now. I've kind of always had some light ones there from when I hit puberty. But now they are stretching bigger.
Sleeping: Well I have good days and bad days. More bad than good. I'm still getting up to pee at night. And sometimes my back hurts so bad I'm not sure I can lay down any longer to sleep. Not to mention now that my stomach muscles ache (I'm assuming from where they are stretching) to the point that I just have to sit up. Also I worry constantly about sleeping on my back, my doctor told me "don't stress, if we were meant to lay on our sides during pregnancy God would have created us with a kick-stand." True but books shouldn't make such a big deal about it if it isn't. Also, my hubby says I've started snoring.
Best moment last week: We got our baby bedding, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Getting the bedding makes it so much more real now. We finalized plans for the nursery and my Dad is staying for a few more days to help us get it done, or at least to the paint stage.
Symptoms: Lack of sleep, constant hunger, peeing all the time, heartburn, backache and round ligament pain still.
Food cravings: I just crave food 24/7. Awe alas a craving, Chick-fil-A milkshakes!!
Food aversions: Not much of anything anymore.
I miss: being able to get comfortable in bed.
What I am looking forward to: My baby shower in a few weeks. Getting my bedding this week. Getting my furniture either this week or next.
Body Changes: The dark line down the center of my belly, aka linea nigra, is starting to get darker. My belly feels like it is starting to get big now. At times so much so that I get uncomfortable and can't do anything to feel some relief.
Other Thoughts: I have so many fun things coming up in the next few weeks that I can't wait for them to get here. This week I also have a lot of blog updating to do because I'm so behind on keeping track of this pregnancy! Where have the last 22 weeks gone??? I'm going to be sad to see it come to an end. I have absolutely adored being pregnant and can see why so many women say they would love to stay pregnant. My most favorite thing about pregnancy by far is being able to feel the babies move. I've been so incredibly lucky so far and I thank God everyday for that. I hope the next few months continue to go as smoothly.