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24 Week Update
* Getting more uncomfortable by the week
* Dealing with lack of sleep, heart burn/acid reflux, constipation and a few Braxton Hicks!
* Craving anything liquid but it must be ice cold. Most of all Coca-Cola
* Sleeping propped up in bed some nights to try to deal with heart burn/acid reflux.
* Had the most amazing maternity photo session this week.
* Feeling my babies kick constantly and in some not so comfortable areas.
* Turning 25 weeks makes me overjoyed. Every week is another week closer to healthy, plump little babies.

25 Week 2 Day Doctor Appt
* Weight 153.6 lbs. Up 38.6 lbs. Doc says I'll probably only gain maybe 10-15 more lbs.
* BP - 120/63 - still perfect.
* Finley's HB - 145 Landry's HB - 137
* Both weigh right at 2 lbs a piece. 4 gram difference between the two. Finley is the bigger one.
* Finley is head down, right on my cervix. Landry is transverse with his head to my left.
* Got to take a peak at them in 4D. Finley flashed us a smile!! and she has sweet little dimples. Landry refused to cooperate so we didn't get to see much of him.
* Doctor says plan on cutting back at work in about 4-5 weeks.
* He guesstimates that if I make it to about 36 weeks they should weigh between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 lbs.
* Things are going so well he thinks we can wait another two week for my next appt.
* They gave me a rx for acid reflux, HALLELUJAH!!!

I had my first baby shower this weekend. I promise to post pics as soon as I start getting some from the lovely people who snapped them for me. I also promise to get some pics posted on here from our maternity shoot.


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