Sneak Peak

Our nursery isn't close to being done. We still need a chair, changer, wall decor and to touch up paint. So until that's complete here is just a small preview of the finished product to come.

The babies closet. We bought the dresser to use as a changer but the room wasn't big enough for it. Luckily it fit perfectly in the closet, so we're just going to get a small changer for in the room.

Miss Finley's crib

Mr Landry's crib

All of their clothes already! And that doesn't include a stack that wasn't hung up on top of the dresser.


Emily said…
Just love their little names and the nursery jess!
WantWait&Pray said…
I commented on your comment on my page..oops! Anyway, the nursery looks GREAT! Can't wait to see it with the bedding!!!

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