Showered With Love - Part I

As you all know we had our babies' shower this weekend and we can not describe the outpouring of love and support we felt all weekend. Saturday morning when we woke up I was so in awe of what the day was about to bring I couldn't help but be emotional. After all I had waited for this moment for over two years and to imagine it finally coming true felt like such a distant dream. I seemed like it took me all morning to get myself composed and get to the shower which started at 12. Yes, I was late to my own baby shower. When I got there so many people had already arrived and the gift table was already over-flowing! I felt myself starting to lose it again. I have no idea how I managed but I didn't cry the entire shower. I think there was just so much love and joy in the room for my babies that it made me so overjoyed I couldn't think of shedding even a happy tear. So without further a due here are some pictures from the shower. I will try to get more on here as they roll in.

Here are my four beautiful hostesses. From left is Casey Bradshaw, Teresa Vreeland, Ashley Belcher and Pat Webb.

Teresa made these table center pieces. They were like diaper cupcakes. And she hand-painted the ribbon to match the theme. Talk about talented.
This was the cupcake tower. Casey and Ashley spent a good 3 hours the day before getting all these frosted and the fondant on them. The husband's even chipped in and helped us color some fondant. It turned out perfectly!

This was the topper. We ended up deciding to freeze it so the babies could have it for their first birthdays! It may not taste great but it will be something they can tear into.

Casey putting my corsage on.

Ready to get the celebration started!
The husbands, who didn't really want to stay but ended up staying and I think they kind of enjoyed themselves.

A few of the people who came to shower our babies with love!

Stay tuned for pics of us opening gifts, all the gifts we received and photos with friends.


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