Doctor's Appointment - 23 weeks, 3 days

I had a routine doctor's appointment today. It was definitely routine. My doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing. I told him I wish I could know what would keep them in there for another 15 weeks. Both the babies heartbeats sounded great, one was about 160 and the other about 140 which is about what they've been for a while. So now to the really drastic parts. . . . my official weight. . . . 150.6 lbs. That's 35.6 total pounds so far and 9 lbs in the last two weeks. He measured my belly and I'm still measuring about 4 1/2 weeks ahead at 28 weeks. All in all he said everything was going perfectly. I'll have another appointment and growth scan in two weeks and then will start going every week after that. So along with my drastic weight gain I thought it was way past time for another belly pic. So here are the ones that the hubby took. (Please pardon the pj pants, they are to comfy not to change into when I get home. Also I'm not sure what the face is about in the last pic but I thought it was to funny not to post it.) This is also a sneak peak at our nursery. I'm trying to get a post together about it. We're done except for some touch up, a rocker and small decorations around the room.


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