Pregnancy - Week 23

I had a lady ask me if I was due any day now.
Before I responded with twins I said June, her eyes were as big as watermelons.
I told her twins.
She said well that's not quite as bad as it looks.

Yes, I'm starting to feel quite large. And yes, now EVERYONE points it out to me.

I decided I would do a little different 23 weeks post, esp since I'm late.

I have:
an outie belly button now
some stretch marks across the bottom of my belly :-/
heartburn/acid reflux almost constantly
been feeling the most amazing, strong almost constant movements this week
gained almost more weight than to drs wanted me to gain my entire pregnancy :-0
almost no more maternity clothes that still fit right
gone up a shoe size since becoming pregnant
been so blessed by God during this pregnancy
have the most amazing supportive friends and family
have the most loving, caring, supportive husband. i couldn't have made it this far without him

I am:
loving every moment pregnancy has to offer

I hope:
that our babies feel as lucky to have us as we do to have them
that God helps me/us make it another 12 more weeks
that our babies are healthy
that i can continue to enjoy every moment of pregnancy even as I get bigger


Jessica said…
You should've had one of the babies kick that lady!!

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