Valentine's Day

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day. I don't get into the whole flowers, cards and chocolate thing. I think its an excuse for stores to charge outrageous prices for stuff. This morning I got up and fixed my hubby some breakfast and in he came with a little box. I had very little of an idea he had bought me anything. But give him two thumbs up, he got me a prenatal massage!!! I cannot wait to go have it.

We spent the day at a maternity shoot. Yesterday morning we woke up to about 4 in of snow and our photographers called us and said he found this amazing Christmas tree farm, so we shot some yesterday and then finished up the rest today. We got a sneak peak of yesterday and they were so unbelievable that I cannot wait to see what they all turn out like. Yes, its a tad early for a maternity shoot but I wanted to make sure I got one in plus my mother in law wanted a few maternity pics for my upcoming shower this weekend. I decided to go ahead with this one now and if I still feel up to it in a couple of months I may to a much shorter version just to get some shots right before the babies arrive. Be sure to keep checking back, I'll get some posted on here as soon as I get them back.

Lastly, we have our biggest baby shower coming up this weekend. Its back home with all of our family and friends. I hope all this crazy snowy weather holds off and everyone gets to come out for it. I'll post more about it next week once we get back home.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!!


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