Sunday, May 29, 2011


So as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep at 11:41 pm, I did my normal last checks to try and fall asleep. No avail, still awake! Haha So I though I would share with the blogging world my huge jumble randomness of thoughts. Hold tight, enjoy the ride!

{} i wish I could've played college softball. haha don't ask why. I was never that good and certainly don't have the height or weight. (in response to college playoffs on tv) {}

{} can't wait to hear that baby Stella is on her way {}

{} speaking of I really need to get sewing and to the post office {}

{} I really wanna open my own etsy shop #needmorecraft/alone time {}

{} I'm so excited for a friend that just found out she's having a girl {}

{} I wish someone would give me a personal 'how-to' of twitter! Ha {}

{} does Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber gross anyone else out? I mean who cares they are making out on some Caribbean vacation. Are they even old enough to be on vacation together? {}

{} why does it take my husband a solid hour to shave and shower {}

{} I sure am glad he's off for another day tomorrow {}

{} I'm so in love with my kiddos! They have started randomly kissing each other, melt my heart! {}

{} must get 1 year pics scheduled {}

{} I dread having to see the eye doctor on Friday {}

{} I must close my eyes for some sleepy time {}

Good Night Bloggy Friends!! May all your dreams come true (or at least the good ones :-))!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What To Feed 'Em {part ii}

A while back I joined in on a little series about ideas, recipes and such to feed you kids. I haven't participated in a pretty good while but I've recently ran across 2 really good recipes that my kiddos LOVE! Landry use to be super picky but is now really opening up to a lot more stuff (which helps). I've also discovered he has a major love of, wait for it, BACON! the kid will down some bacon! So lots of morning when all else fails, bacon it is. Haha

Breakfast Casserole
(although I must say this doesn't have to only be eaten for breakfast, its delicious at any time)

-- 2 lbs frozen hash browns
-- 1 can cream chicken soup
-- 1/2 cup margarine, melted
-- 2 cup diced ham
-- 2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
-- (opt) a little green pepper & onion (i didn't used this)

-- 2 cup crushed cornflakes
-- 1/4 cup margarine, melted

Mix together hash browns, soup, margarine, ham and cheese. Add to 13X9 baking dish. Top with cornflakes topping. Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

Cubed Steak

-- 6 cubed steaks
-- 1 can cream mushroom soup
-- 1 can roasted garlic cream of mushroom soup
-- 1 can whole milk
-- 1 tbsp butter
-- 1 tbsp oil
-- Salt & pepper to taste
-- Garlic powder to taste
-- Creole seasoning to taste (opt)

Season both sides of steak with salt, pepper, garlic powder and creole seasoning. Add butter and oil to pan and add steaks. Brown both sides being careful not to over cook. Once brown, add both can of soup and milk. Allow to simmer for around 20 minutes. Once done I removed the steaks and added a little flour to thicken the gravy just a little. 

**We love this with mash potatoes, the gravy goes great over them!**
**Also, you could use two plain cans of cream of chicken soup if so desired**

I've also found my kids love Ella's Kitchen baby food. What I think intrigues them most is that they can feed themselves. Right now we're also loving GoGo squeez applesauce, simply fruit roll-ups, mum-mum rice biscuits, stonyfield yokids squeezers and del Monte fruit cups. The other thing that I've found that my kids are really loving right now is Hormel Complete Kids Meals. Here is a picture . . .

I don't know that they are the absolute healthiest things ever but the kids love them for lunch! And I'm kind of learning at this point that sometimes its just what I can get them to eat. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Discipline & Play Time

Don't faint, I'm posting two days in a row.

Discipline and Play Time are two completely different subjects but two things I'm really struggling with right now. So I guess let's start with the hard subject first, Discipline . . . .

Lately, the babies have been pushing limits and seeing what is acceptable. Maybe the fact that I realize that's what they are doing is half the battle but I feel like I'm constantly telling them no. So much so that last night when Landry made a b-line for the trash can and I said Landry, he shook his head no!! He knows not to touch it!! I try to keep things that I don't want the to really bother away but I also know they need to learn boundaries and limits. We've popped a few hands here and there but they don't really seem to understand. I have no quam about popping butts but I feel like it needs to be kept for things a little more serious. Advice? My other discipline issue is with Finley. She is a fierce biter! But it's mostly when she doesn't get her way and mostly directed towards her brother. A lot of times I might not always catch her in the act so I don't want To discipline her for something she did 10 minutes ago. But if I do catch her in the act I still really don't know what to do. Will this behavior just go away over time?

Now on to more light-hearted subjected. PLAY TIME! :-) In the last 3 to 4 weeks I've noticed the twins become more independent in their play time together and with each other. I know its good for them to learn this and they do pretty well together. Lots of times if they are playing together in the living room and will both make a b-line for the bedroom to play more 'independently.' I will normally allow them to play for about 5 minutes or so before checking on them. But I'm curious if I should allow more independent play time in their room together? At this age should I even allow it at all? There isn't really anything they can hurt or that will hurt them in there so I feel like its a pretty safe play area. Maybe this is just a part of them getting older and I'm resistant to letting it happen. Haha!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Friday was my birthday! I love that my b-day is just a few weeks after the babies because I feel like they were the amazing birthday present EVER! I mean I'm not sure how my husband could ever top it.

We started out the birthday weekend with dinner Thursday night with friends at Olive Garden. We haven't been there since the babies started eating 100% table foods but they did good and gobbled down lots of new food. After Landry was getting close to being done he started fussing (which he's normally pretty content in his high chair until we're done). He started to really get made so I got him out and gave him some Little Tummies just in case he was getting a belly ache from all the new stuff. A few minutes later it really escalated and Dalyn decided to take him outside. I stay with Finley and our friends when about 15 minutes later the hostesses comes back to our table and says 'are you the mother of the screaming little boy?.? Immediately my heart kind of dropped and I said 'yes, is he still screaming?.' Her response 'yes, and your husband says he needs you NOW.' I leave Finley with our friends to rush out and see if I can help. When I got to walk out the door I see Dalyns face and let me tell you my normally calm, cool and collected hubby had panic and worry written all over his face. So I knew it couldn't be good. He said I think we need to take him somewhere, he was getting hives and his face was getting all blotchy and had been non-stop screaming at the stop of his lungs for the last 20 minutes. Waves of nausea steam across my stomach as I b-line back to the back to the restaurant, throw my crap in the diaper bag, get the high chairs together, get Finley and rush back out the door. In the 2 minutes it takes to buckle him he he stops SCREAMING! long enough for us to decide we'll just drive him cross town to urgent care instead of wait for ambulance.
**let me just make a side note here. I have never in my life felt like I did in those insane 10 minutes it took us to get there. I don't know how you mothers with sick children have the strength to deal with it day in and out.**
We pull into urgent care I hop out and rush in with him. They call us back and by the time they get his temp and weight and we get back to a room this was what he looked like . . . . .

Does this look like a screaming, hived little boy who is having an allergic reaction? NOPE! He was laughing, screaming, tearing paper and having a big time when our pedi walked in. By that point all we could do was LAUGH! We felt like complete idiots. Ultimately, we think he had a really severe belly ache and was bit by something while Dalyn had him outside or because he's never thrown a fit like that, maybe he gets hives when he gets extremely upset. Either way he is 100% OK! and we look like idiots! LoL! And that was the kick off to my birthday weekend.

Friday, was my birthday. That morning, I fixed my favorite breakfast, got sweet cards from my babies and hubby. For lunch they took me to my favorite Indian place down town. I captured a video of the babies favorite thing right now.

YouTube Video

On Friday night one of our good friends came over to pressure wash our back deck for us in preparation for our get-together Saturday night. They have Davis who is about 2-1/2 months. After dinner the babies were all about him. They kept wanting to rock his car seat.

After Josh, Stefanie and Davis left this was my bedtime birthday present from Finley. . .

YouTube Video

She's gotten ten times as better since then!

Saturday began preparations for out get together. I am one of those people that when company comes I think my house has to be spotless from top to bottom. So we spent all day cleaning and getting some of the food together. We fixed tons of food. I don't know why I thought we needed so much but pretty much all of it was gone. We had a wonderful night celebrating with our closest friends here in town. The babies had a busy busy night and didn't go down until 10 PM but were such little troopers.

Sunday, we re-cooperated. Haha! We had a really busy weekend. I did make Dalyn take me out to shop for a vacuum. I'm in the market for a new vacuum. Any suggestions?

Overall, I had an amazingly blessed birthday. And the world didn't end Saturday, which was a plus! Haha!! It's hard to celebrate just one day as your birthday when you feel like everyday you wake up to the most amazing gifts ever! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a good start to the week!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

First Birthdays' & First Haircuts'

We traveled back to WNC so the babies could share their first birthday surrounded by family and friends who love them so dearly. The babies and I packed up and headed back the Tuesday before their party and then the hubby joined us on Friday. I was so happy to have him back with us! We had their first birthday party of May 7, which was Saturday instead of on their birthday which was Thursday. We had right at 40 people show up to celebrate the big day! Our babies surely are loved. One thing i knew for sure was that I didn't want to have to spend the entire day behind the camera so my mother-in-law and I split a professional photographer and I have to say . . . BEST MONEY I SPENT FOR THE DAY!. We got amazing pictures and we all still got to enjoy the day in front of the camera. I wanted to share all the pictures with you guys but I didn't want to post them all, so after much thought I decided to share the link through FB. Please don't copy or steal my pics!

Then on Thursday their actual birthday, we had a small family cookout.

Also, while in town we took the babies for a much need first haircut. I was so anxious about it but they both look adorable. Although I miss being able to put Finley's hair up in a ponytail.

Hope you all enjoy browsing pictures of my ONE YEAR OLDS!! 

One Year {In Pictures}

These were the pictures we used for the babies first birthday 'year in pictures' banner at their party. Can't believe I have ONE year olds!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

finley & landry {eleven month recap}

Well here we are just 3 days away from the big day!! Our 1st Birthdays!!! It's so crazy to think that a full year has come and gone. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect year. I told my MIL yesterday that I was so emotional because I wasn't sure we would ever be celebrating first birthdays but that I was so thankful God gave me my beauties for a full year as I know many of you out there have angel babies that celebrating their first birthdays in the most amazing place every. I have had an insane few weeks but I wanted to do a recap of the last month before they turn one. I have lots of updates including their first birthday party which was yesterday.

finley marie and landry knox

During your 11th month a lot has changed. Finley you experienced you first ear infection and virus. It was no fun for mommy, daddy or you. Unfortunately, you passed it to brother so he got to experience his first right along with you. Finley you are weighing about 18lbs 7oz and Landry you are weighing about 17lb 7oz. This month we transitioned to whole milk and table food. And just in the past two weeks we've transitioned away from the bottle completely. I couldn't be more prouder of you both at what an easy transition its been. Now, Finley, if I can just get you to drop the paci that easy I'll be in business. Finley, you are definitely my eater. You aren't really picky and will try anything. The only thing I've found so far you won't eat in oatmeal. Landry, you are my seriously over picky eater. And if you don't want to eat it your not going to. Your most favorite food is banana, so it's always my go to. Finley, you are standing up like a champ. I walk in the room or turn around and your standing in the middle of the floor with nothing around you. In fact, I think that you think it's a trick to entertain us. At times you are willing to take about 4-6 steps and then at others you want nothing to do with walking. I think your going to be the baby that just comes into the room after me walking one day. Landry you are standing some and will maybe take a step but you set land speed crawling records so who really needs to walk when you can crawl that fast. You are both non-stop chit-chat and I can definitely tell you are developing your own communication. You will both say; ma-ma, da-da, bye, hi, dog, na-na but finley your most impressive word is bellybutton. And your version is insanely close. You are both so smart but Finley you want to copy any and everything you see. Upon asking you can both; kiss, hug, wave, clap, blow kisses, give high 5's, dance, jump and play peek-a-boo. Finley you can point out your bellybutton (hence the reason you can say bellybutton) and can also point out your head, you can do what we call ''shake it off" and head bang. Your new and most favorite this is to be chased. When I say 'i'm gonna get you' you both take off in a racing frenzy, laughing hysterically. It just melts my heart away. You are both getting much better at following commands. Finley just today I saw you pick something up off the floor but couldn't see what it was so when I questioned and say Finley what do you have, you replied by showing me the toy in your hand. You both come when we call you from another room and are leaving to give things when we ask and not to touch when we ask you not to. As of today, Finley you have 4 teeth on bottom and 3 teeth on top and Landry you still have your 4 on top and 2 on bottom. I think we are in the midst of another major tooth cutting ordeal so I wouldn't be surprised if by next week you both don't have 8 each. I know I've said it a ton but I love this stage right now. You are both little sponges and seem to soak up just about anything. And on this mother's day, my first one, I am so very blessed to have been entrusted with your sweet little lives for the past year. What an honor it truly has been. I never knew a love quite like this. Every day with you both is even better than the one before. Thank you for making me a mommy. I love you both!

And before I click the publish post button I wanted to take a moment to wish all those mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day. Unfortunately, my mommy isn't able to celebrate with me in person, my first mother days, by I know she's been by my side all day. She definitely shaped me into the mother I am today. I also want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my amazing MIL. I know plenty of people out there who do not get along with their in-laws and sooner wouldn't put up with them but I feel very blessed to have my MIL in my life. I know she would be there for me no matter what and even though I married into her family she certainly has never treated me like an outsider. I hope you all have had an amazing Mother's Day!