First Birthdays' & First Haircuts'

We traveled back to WNC so the babies could share their first birthday surrounded by family and friends who love them so dearly. The babies and I packed up and headed back the Tuesday before their party and then the hubby joined us on Friday. I was so happy to have him back with us! We had their first birthday party of May 7, which was Saturday instead of on their birthday which was Thursday. We had right at 40 people show up to celebrate the big day! Our babies surely are loved. One thing i knew for sure was that I didn't want to have to spend the entire day behind the camera so my mother-in-law and I split a professional photographer and I have to say . . . BEST MONEY I SPENT FOR THE DAY!. We got amazing pictures and we all still got to enjoy the day in front of the camera. I wanted to share all the pictures with you guys but I didn't want to post them all, so after much thought I decided to share the link through FB. Please don't copy or steal my pics!

Then on Thursday their actual birthday, we had a small family cookout.

Also, while in town we took the babies for a much need first haircut. I was so anxious about it but they both look adorable. Although I miss being able to put Finley's hair up in a ponytail.

Hope you all enjoy browsing pictures of my ONE YEAR OLDS!! 


Marilyn said…
Happy First Birthday to your little ones! For some reason I can't see the pictures you posted.
Jessica said…
Sorry! You should be able to click the little FB links now to see the pictures.

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