Discipline & Play Time

Don't faint, I'm posting two days in a row.

Discipline and Play Time are two completely different subjects but two things I'm really struggling with right now. So I guess let's start with the hard subject first, Discipline . . . .

Lately, the babies have been pushing limits and seeing what is acceptable. Maybe the fact that I realize that's what they are doing is half the battle but I feel like I'm constantly telling them no. So much so that last night when Landry made a b-line for the trash can and I said Landry, he shook his head no!! He knows not to touch it!! I try to keep things that I don't want the to really bother away but I also know they need to learn boundaries and limits. We've popped a few hands here and there but they don't really seem to understand. I have no quam about popping butts but I feel like it needs to be kept for things a little more serious. Advice? My other discipline issue is with Finley. She is a fierce biter! But it's mostly when she doesn't get her way and mostly directed towards her brother. A lot of times I might not always catch her in the act so I don't want To discipline her for something she did 10 minutes ago. But if I do catch her in the act I still really don't know what to do. Will this behavior just go away over time?

Now on to more light-hearted subjected. PLAY TIME! :-) In the last 3 to 4 weeks I've noticed the twins become more independent in their play time together and with each other. I know its good for them to learn this and they do pretty well together. Lots of times if they are playing together in the living room and will both make a b-line for the bedroom to play more 'independently.' I will normally allow them to play for about 5 minutes or so before checking on them. But I'm curious if I should allow more independent play time in their room together? At this age should I even allow it at all? There isn't really anything they can hurt or that will hurt them in there so I feel like its a pretty safe play area. Maybe this is just a part of them getting older and I'm resistant to letting it happen. Haha!

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ECUTwinMama said…
Ha! At least we're going through this together!

We also feel like all we say anymore is "no." I don't think there's much else to do besides saying no and redirecting. Luckily, at this age, they are easily distracted by shiny objects (like their mama?)... ;)

As for the biting, I've just been buckling the offender into the highchair (I need to come up with a better time out location- maybe the pack-n-play in the guest room?) and then I loudly lavish love and kisses all over the victim. We also say a lot of "that hurts! We don't bite, biting hurts!"

(Gosh, I can just imagine how silly we must look!)

Our girls have free run of our front room, but that's it. They will sometimes separate themselves from one another (one under the dining room table, one by the front door) or they'll play together. We let them do whichever is keeping them happy and only intervene when one of the above issues occur. ;) The way I see it, we've baby proofed a zone for them so let 'em have at it!

ap said…
Having the exact same issues in our house...trashcans, biting, and even playtime. I think saying no (even 1000x a day) is just a part of it...or at least I hope so b/c it comes out of my mouth often! I have no answers for the discipline...I have popped a few hands, raised my voice, changed my tone, said no and sat them down in a different spot, etc. We still have a biter and a trash/dogfood digger!
As far as playtime, I have been trying to give more independent play too...within earshot of course and in the living room where everything (I hope) is baby friendly. I try to check on them without interrupting...I love the fact they have built in playmates. My husband and I always comment we feel sorry for singletons sometimes! :) Good Luck!

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