finley & landry {eleven month recap}

Well here we are just 3 days away from the big day!! Our 1st Birthdays!!! It's so crazy to think that a full year has come and gone. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect year. I told my MIL yesterday that I was so emotional because I wasn't sure we would ever be celebrating first birthdays but that I was so thankful God gave me my beauties for a full year as I know many of you out there have angel babies that celebrating their first birthdays in the most amazing place every. I have had an insane few weeks but I wanted to do a recap of the last month before they turn one. I have lots of updates including their first birthday party which was yesterday.

finley marie and landry knox

During your 11th month a lot has changed. Finley you experienced you first ear infection and virus. It was no fun for mommy, daddy or you. Unfortunately, you passed it to brother so he got to experience his first right along with you. Finley you are weighing about 18lbs 7oz and Landry you are weighing about 17lb 7oz. This month we transitioned to whole milk and table food. And just in the past two weeks we've transitioned away from the bottle completely. I couldn't be more prouder of you both at what an easy transition its been. Now, Finley, if I can just get you to drop the paci that easy I'll be in business. Finley, you are definitely my eater. You aren't really picky and will try anything. The only thing I've found so far you won't eat in oatmeal. Landry, you are my seriously over picky eater. And if you don't want to eat it your not going to. Your most favorite food is banana, so it's always my go to. Finley, you are standing up like a champ. I walk in the room or turn around and your standing in the middle of the floor with nothing around you. In fact, I think that you think it's a trick to entertain us. At times you are willing to take about 4-6 steps and then at others you want nothing to do with walking. I think your going to be the baby that just comes into the room after me walking one day. Landry you are standing some and will maybe take a step but you set land speed crawling records so who really needs to walk when you can crawl that fast. You are both non-stop chit-chat and I can definitely tell you are developing your own communication. You will both say; ma-ma, da-da, bye, hi, dog, na-na but finley your most impressive word is bellybutton. And your version is insanely close. You are both so smart but Finley you want to copy any and everything you see. Upon asking you can both; kiss, hug, wave, clap, blow kisses, give high 5's, dance, jump and play peek-a-boo. Finley you can point out your bellybutton (hence the reason you can say bellybutton) and can also point out your head, you can do what we call ''shake it off" and head bang. Your new and most favorite this is to be chased. When I say 'i'm gonna get you' you both take off in a racing frenzy, laughing hysterically. It just melts my heart away. You are both getting much better at following commands. Finley just today I saw you pick something up off the floor but couldn't see what it was so when I questioned and say Finley what do you have, you replied by showing me the toy in your hand. You both come when we call you from another room and are leaving to give things when we ask and not to touch when we ask you not to. As of today, Finley you have 4 teeth on bottom and 3 teeth on top and Landry you still have your 4 on top and 2 on bottom. I think we are in the midst of another major tooth cutting ordeal so I wouldn't be surprised if by next week you both don't have 8 each. I know I've said it a ton but I love this stage right now. You are both little sponges and seem to soak up just about anything. And on this mother's day, my first one, I am so very blessed to have been entrusted with your sweet little lives for the past year. What an honor it truly has been. I never knew a love quite like this. Every day with you both is even better than the one before. Thank you for making me a mommy. I love you both!

And before I click the publish post button I wanted to take a moment to wish all those mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day. Unfortunately, my mommy isn't able to celebrate with me in person, my first mother days, by I know she's been by my side all day. She definitely shaped me into the mother I am today. I also want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my amazing MIL. I know plenty of people out there who do not get along with their in-laws and sooner wouldn't put up with them but I feel very blessed to have my MIL in my life. I know she would be there for me no matter what and even though I married into her family she certainly has never treated me like an outsider. I hope you all have had an amazing Mother's Day!


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