Happy Birthday To Me!

Friday was my birthday! I love that my b-day is just a few weeks after the babies because I feel like they were the amazing birthday present EVER! I mean I'm not sure how my husband could ever top it.

We started out the birthday weekend with dinner Thursday night with friends at Olive Garden. We haven't been there since the babies started eating 100% table foods but they did good and gobbled down lots of new food. After Landry was getting close to being done he started fussing (which he's normally pretty content in his high chair until we're done). He started to really get made so I got him out and gave him some Little Tummies just in case he was getting a belly ache from all the new stuff. A few minutes later it really escalated and Dalyn decided to take him outside. I stay with Finley and our friends when about 15 minutes later the hostesses comes back to our table and says 'are you the mother of the screaming little boy?.? Immediately my heart kind of dropped and I said 'yes, is he still screaming?.' Her response 'yes, and your husband says he needs you NOW.' I leave Finley with our friends to rush out and see if I can help. When I got to walk out the door I see Dalyns face and let me tell you my normally calm, cool and collected hubby had panic and worry written all over his face. So I knew it couldn't be good. He said I think we need to take him somewhere, he was getting hives and his face was getting all blotchy and had been non-stop screaming at the stop of his lungs for the last 20 minutes. Waves of nausea steam across my stomach as I b-line back to the back to the restaurant, throw my crap in the diaper bag, get the high chairs together, get Finley and rush back out the door. In the 2 minutes it takes to buckle him he he stops SCREAMING! long enough for us to decide we'll just drive him cross town to urgent care instead of wait for ambulance.
**let me just make a side note here. I have never in my life felt like I did in those insane 10 minutes it took us to get there. I don't know how you mothers with sick children have the strength to deal with it day in and out.**
We pull into urgent care I hop out and rush in with him. They call us back and by the time they get his temp and weight and we get back to a room this was what he looked like . . . . .

Does this look like a screaming, hived little boy who is having an allergic reaction? NOPE! He was laughing, screaming, tearing paper and having a big time when our pedi walked in. By that point all we could do was LAUGH! We felt like complete idiots. Ultimately, we think he had a really severe belly ache and was bit by something while Dalyn had him outside or because he's never thrown a fit like that, maybe he gets hives when he gets extremely upset. Either way he is 100% OK! and we look like idiots! LoL! And that was the kick off to my birthday weekend.

Friday, was my birthday. That morning, I fixed my favorite breakfast, got sweet cards from my babies and hubby. For lunch they took me to my favorite Indian place down town. I captured a video of the babies favorite thing right now.

YouTube Video

On Friday night one of our good friends came over to pressure wash our back deck for us in preparation for our get-together Saturday night. They have Davis who is about 2-1/2 months. After dinner the babies were all about him. They kept wanting to rock his car seat.

After Josh, Stefanie and Davis left this was my bedtime birthday present from Finley. . .

YouTube Video

She's gotten ten times as better since then!

Saturday began preparations for out get together. I am one of those people that when company comes I think my house has to be spotless from top to bottom. So we spent all day cleaning and getting some of the food together. We fixed tons of food. I don't know why I thought we needed so much but pretty much all of it was gone. We had a wonderful night celebrating with our closest friends here in town. The babies had a busy busy night and didn't go down until 10 PM but were such little troopers.

Sunday, we re-cooperated. Haha! We had a really busy weekend. I did make Dalyn take me out to shop for a vacuum. I'm in the market for a new vacuum. Any suggestions?

Overall, I had an amazingly blessed birthday. And the world didn't end Saturday, which was a plus! Haha!! It's hard to celebrate just one day as your birthday when you feel like everyday you wake up to the most amazing gifts ever! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a good start to the week!

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Anonymous said…
If you have the extra money, I highly recommend a Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

Jessica said…
I actually had a rainbow and I just sold it. I loved it except that I vacuum everyday and I need something that I can just jerk out vacuum and then throw it back it the closet. Having to deal with the water was just one extra step I didn't have time for :-/

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