So as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep at 11:41 pm, I did my normal last checks to try and fall asleep. No avail, still awake! Haha So I though I would share with the blogging world my huge jumble randomness of thoughts. Hold tight, enjoy the ride!

{} i wish I could've played college softball. haha don't ask why. I was never that good and certainly don't have the height or weight. (in response to college playoffs on tv) {}

{} can't wait to hear that baby Stella is on her way {}

{} speaking of I really need to get sewing and to the post office {}

{} I really wanna open my own etsy shop #needmorecraft/alone time {}

{} I'm so excited for a friend that just found out she's having a girl {}

{} I wish someone would give me a personal 'how-to' of twitter! Ha {}

{} does Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber gross anyone else out? I mean who cares they are making out on some Caribbean vacation. Are they even old enough to be on vacation together? {}

{} why does it take my husband a solid hour to shave and shower {}

{} I sure am glad he's off for another day tomorrow {}

{} I'm so in love with my kiddos! They have started randomly kissing each other, melt my heart! {}

{} must get 1 year pics scheduled {}

{} I dread having to see the eye doctor on Friday {}

{} I must close my eyes for some sleepy time {}

Good Night Bloggy Friends!! May all your dreams come true (or at least the good ones :-))!

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