Monday, January 31, 2011

Week/Weekend Review

Wow it has been a busy past week/weekend in our household. I helped host a baby shower this weekend for a good friend and so I spend all last week busily making preparations. I just love a baby shower.

My busy babies seemed to have switched to a whole new gear this week. They went from high to full steam ahead. Some nights I go to bed more tired than when they were newborns. Landry has a fascination with the TRASH CAN!! gross I know. I can't keep them out of the kitchen these days. Really, who am I kidding I can't keep them out of much these days. Landry also has a VERY BAD HABIT of putting ANYTHING (and i do mean anything) straight into his mouth. For some reason Finley isn't as bad but man the stuff that I've found in his mouth might get me sent straight to DSS. And I honestly, whole-heartly keep my floors clean and all dangerous things to babies up and away. But my little man can pull stuff out of thin air. Finley has learn to 'love' her baby doll. And man oh man is it precious. Of course no videos or pics yet because as soon as anything electronic comes out there are on me before I know what's happening. They can also both 'dance.' I did sneak a video of it that I'll post hopefully tomorrow. I have a feeling these two are going to be serious entertainers. Oh, we've also learned 'the fake cough' this week. It's quite annoying and I hope its a quickly forgotten trick. And lastly the new big thing in our house is doors. Landry finds an open door and its quickly shut! I dread the day he can open them. But I thought I would share of few pics of my sweet ones over the past couple of weeks.

oh and I have two climbers
One determined little girl
He also loves to look out at the dogs. 
bath time fun

Oh I had to go back to the dr this week. For nothing major, just a change in birth control. But the doctor did say he would like for me to start getting out a little more. And he would like Dalyn and I to start getting out once a week for a date night. It's something we've been talking about doing for a while, we just need to be more intentional about doing it. He also suggested a book for us to read together. Its called 'Becoming Your Spouses Better Half:Why Differences Make A Better Marriage.' He said it is a great read together. Have any of you read it? Dalyn and I have a great marriage, but after two years of infertility and 8 months of being pregnant and 8 months of being busy raising twins we just don't take as much time as we need to for 'us.' I mean honestly do any parents? So we going to spend some time getting back to 'us' before infertility, before pregnancy, and before twins. Not that we aren't a great couple or great parents but I think we'll be better together and for them if we do this. And it's like our doctor said 'if you don't take the time to do this now, are you going to wake up in 4 years and ask yourself do i even like this guy?' So we're going to start being more intentional about spending time as a couple and enjoying each other and who we are as individuals and not just parents.

We have also been very busy trying to prepare a budget and figure out a good way to stick with it. Lots more about this later. But we are trying to prepare ourselves for some big big moves in life so please pray for us as our journey continues.

I also hate this time of the year. My mom as been gone 6 years on Wednesday. 6 years! I don't wanna blog about it much now because I have a post coming on Wednesday. But my emotions this year seem to be much different than years past.

Finally, some pics from the baby shower. We met our friends Josh and Stefanie playing co-ed softball. They have quickly become our best friends in Greenville and some of the only friends here. They threw us a shower when we became pregnant with the babies. Stefanie is a NICU nurse and came to visit me often in the hospital, she definitely help break up some long days. But even more special is she was the NICU nurse that checked out both babies. One of our first pictures of Finley is with Stef. About a month or so after the babies were born they called with the news they were expecting. We were excited to find out a few months later it was a boy! And now little Davis is about to make his arrival. So here are a few pics.

this was my first every diaper cake
this was the amazing cake and cupcakes my co-host Ashly made
and the mints i'm still munching on. they were devine!!
pirate popcorn favors! i love this idea
the banner i made and also the small 'diaper cupcakes' on top of the mantel
the happy couple. please notice stef barely looks pregnant. she has the most adorable bump
my very attentive children and hubby
presents. . .  
more presents. . .
and even more presents. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

What Is Happening?

So my husband spends his lunch hour surfing the internet but his favorite thing to do is watch videos. So when he comes home at night it never fails that he has like 3 or 4 videos that he has to show me. Recently a lot of his videos have been about this whole new 'flash mob' thing. I guess the big thing now is to break out into song or dance in a huge group in the middle of the mall. And I am just wondering what is going on with this. What is the big deal about it? I'm also wondering if any of my readers out there have been a part of it, whether dancing/singing or just being an innocent bystander.

So here are a few videos of the 'flash mobs' . . . .

Flash Mob Wedding  >> Ace & TJ Show

This is one of my favorite ones recently >> Ace & TJ Show
Oh and this one too >> Ace & TJ Show

But besides that, my local hometown mall had a 'flash mob' hit this week and I thought I would share it too. It's by far not nearly as cool as some of these but never-the-less something that was close to home!

Hope you enjoy a little bit of video fun on this Monday!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Say 'Hi'

So every now and then I like to say hello to my readers, followers and friends and just take a moment to get to know about you. Maybe you've just started reading or been following for a while. Maybe you've let me a note or maybe not. Either way this is my chance to get to know all of you out there. Also I blog about the babes a lot but I realize most of you may not even know me! So here's a little bit about me that your may not know. . . .

- i grew up in a really small town
- i'm an only child of my parents but have 1 half brother and 2 half sisters
- i have 3 nieces, 4 nephews, 1 great-niece, & 2 great-nephews
- i met dalyn when i was a sophomore in high school
- we have been dating 11 years in April
- we did the long-distance thing for 1 1/2 years
- my mom passed away when I was 20, 6 months before I got married
- she was my entire world! and i miss her everyday.
- dalyn and i were married in august 2005
- we lived 6 hours apart for the first 4 months of our marriage
- we have lived in Nashville & Knoxville TN and Greenville, NC
- i have a bachelors degree in business admin with concentration in accting but i care none for accting.
- i love to read but don't get the chance. i adore nicholas sparks
- i also love to knit but haven't knit anything since we moved back to NC
- i love to take pictures but don't have a good eye for photography, so i mostly just do it for fun
- my most favorite past-time is snowboarding and i plan to get the babies on the slopes at a very young age. there is no place i find more relaxing
- i love clean sheets and cold pillowcases
- i love when my house is clean but now-a-days it very rarely stays that way
- my favorite food is pizza! i could eat it like 7 days a week
- i only every wanted two kids in life but now we may have one more
- i always had a weird feeling i would have twins and knew the day i got my positive test i was pregnant with twins

So there are a few things about me. I'm sure there is so much more but I'll stop boring you now. So if you want stop by, leave me a comment and say hi! Tell me a little about yourself if I don't already know you! If we are FIRL, just take a sec to say hi! Thanks for reading and being interested in me and my little family! I hope you all enjoy reading my blog.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blown Away

So yesterday I took a chance on something I thought was completely ridiculous and this afternoon my mailbox is over loaded!

I am blown away by those of you who emailed me about my dad. If you have emailed or commented give me a day or two. I'll try to get everyone emailed back or responded to. I honestly never would've imagined a response like this but honestly it makes me excited and giddy!! I hope one of your may feel my dad's life!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Dad

So last year I thought about doing this and this year I thought why not. I am going to participate in Kelly's Korners 'Show Us Your Singles'. Ridiculous? Maybe, actually yes probably. But honestly I'm 26 and I wanted nothing but the absolute best for my father. He deserves to be happy. So here's a little back story. . .

My dad, is 63 and retired. He has 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. He loves kids. He is loving referred to as 'pb' or papaw benny. He was married to my mother for right at 20 years or maybe a little over when she passed away. She died at the age of 46 from cancer. It honestly rocked my dad's world and he still isn't quite the same. And since then he just can't quite find a good woman for him. He loves to travel. So here is a little leap of fate. If you know of anyone who might be interested in my dad, please email me at jessicawebb01 (at) gmail (dot) com.

These are my best, most recent two pictures!. Oh and I almost forgot he lives in Western NC. But for the right match I know he would travel ;-)

'i will never be "that" mom'

Ever heard someone say this?

Or maybe you've even said it yourself?

Have you eaten those words?

Most recently I've found myself saying (or thinking), I said I would never be that mom. Everything from carrying my baby or babies through the mall while pushing an empty stroller. To my child screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of a restaurant (not once, not twice but three times!) To feeding my children puffs, wagon wheels or crunchies for a 'solid' meal because they either spit baby food out or won't open their mouths.

I'm sure there will be many other examples along the way and I'm learning (in a hurry) NEVER say NEVER!

Thanks for the lesson babies!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

finley & landry {eight months}

as you can tell, with crawlers, pictures are no longer as easy as they use to be 

finley marie

your feet are tiny and narrow like mommies and you cross them like this whenever you lay on your belly
you look like such a big girl sitting like this. i love it!
i love you hair in the picture. its beautiful!

at eight months, you:

weigh 14 lbs 10 oz
wear size 3 diapers
are in 9 month stuff but still some 6 month stuff
are on Similac for Fussiness & Gas and drink anywhere from 8-9 oz every 4-5 hours
you are now eating puffs and LOVE them!
you are also eating solids twice a day when mommy and daddy eat, you think you should eat
sleep about 10-11 hours at night
are BUSY. it amazes me how you go from laying to crawling to sitting to crawling to standing. it seems like you never slow down. 
you are finally crawling on all fours. 
you have become such a strong willed baby, stubborn, determined, hard-headed. . . . the list could go on
we have nicknamed you 'sassy'
you are saying 'mama' 'dada' bahbah'
you will wave 'bye bye'
you talk non-stop from the second you wake up to the second you go to sleep
have become very attached to your 'lovie'
you moved to a convertible carseat this month
landry knox

this is your new 'face' 
you spend lots of time 'studying' things
you love your doggie

at eight months, you:
weigh 14 lbs 15 oz
wear size 3 diapers
are in 9 month stuff but still some 6 month stuff
are now on Similac for Fussiness & Gas and drink anywhere from 8-12 oz every 4-5 hours
you are now eating puffs and LOVE them!
you are also eating solids twice a day 
you still love anything with bananas
sleep about 10-11 hours at night
are BUSY. it amazes me how you go from laying to crawling to sitting to crawling to standing. it seems like you never slow down. you are crawling super fast now. it amazes me
i think you will be walking within the next 2-3 months
are not quite as chatty as your sister (mainly because i think you can't get a word in with as chatty as she is) but when you get to talking you are quite the talker too
you moved to a convertible carseat this month

your guys favorite toys are you v-tech table, dancing bear sit to stand, alphabet train, chuck dump truck and your talking bear
you guys both love to get in the bath tub and get excited but cry when its time to wash and get out
you guys have started to fall in love with Sampson, he's just now warming up to you guys some

Babies, my how it seems like you guys have changed so quickly. I feel like you are no longer babies, i feel like you guys are going into more of a toddler stage. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. You are both busy movers and shakers and while some days it absolutely wears me out I am so thankful that you guys have been developing normally and are healthy 8 month olds. Somedays I think I am more tired at the end of the day than I was when you were newborns. We have started listening to music some during the day and you love to dance around in mommies arms. Its one of my favorite times of the day. My most favorite time that I spend with you guys in the morning is when you first wake up. You are so excited to see mommy when she walks in your room. It melts my heart everyday. I will never get tired of seeing that excitement. We have been blessed that you are both extremely happy babies. You very rarely ever fuss unless you are sleepy or hungry and then its very little because mommy knows your cues. I love you the amazing individual personalities you both have developed. I also love the bond you are creating together everyday. I pray you are the best of friends. I pray that you know how much your daddy and I love you. We treasure every single moment we have to spend with you. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Smog

So I've been bored with my blog lately. I'm thinking I need a blog makeover. Anyone have any suggestions of people out there who do that or anyone who reads my blog do it?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mommy Must-haves {part 3}

So I've done this occasionally and this one will be more mommy & baby must-haves. But here are some of the things we are loving right now.

The babies got tons of toys for Christmas. I mean so much so that our house looks like Toys R Us exploded in the living room. I've had to re-arrange and organize everything. Most of their toys they seem to just be okay with but two particular toys my uncle gave us as hand-me-downs from their little boy. Now keep in mind these were not wrapped presents under the tree just 'here you go we don't use these anymore, take them.' The first is this Leap Frog learning table. The babies love listening to the music and playing with all the little gadgets. The other thing I can't seem to save a picture of is the Vtech Sit to Stand Dancing Tower. Finley in particular loves to pull up and dance with the little bear on this. Now my kids are both EXTREMELY mobile and daring and are crawling and pulling up to everything so these are both perfect as it but what is nice also is that if your kid is just sitting they both adapt to a sitter too.

Our next must-have is, bumpkins bibs! I HATED washing cloth bibs and stains never coming out and them always looking terrible when we went out in public. I tried several cheaper versions but these are by far my favorite. They wipe off easily but the best part is that you can throw them in the washer. So far I'm SOLD!
So for Christmas we couldn't really decide what all the babies needed. They didn't need clothes and we knew they were already getting tons of toys so we decided the next best thing was a convertible carseat. We are flying to ATL in March and Dalyn's mom is meeting us there so we decided we could leave our infant car seats with her so we would have carseats for the babies when we get off the plane. So we made the investment and purchased these seats. We got the Boulevard 70 CS. And can I just say I feel like they are 100X's safer than our infant seats. I highly highly recommend them to anyone looking for a convertible seat. Also so far the babies seem to be much bigger fans in these than their other seats. 

The next thing they are loving in their jumperoo. I mean they've liked it a lot up until now but they have just really started bouncing like crazy since right before thanksgiving. So they are constantly wanting to get in and bounce.

Lastly is my mommy must-have. I've had tons of different diaper bags it seems like. I love my most recent one but it just wasn't giving me the room I needed. So I asked for a new diaper bag for Christmas and so far it's perfect and I love it. This is my new bag. Its the Vera Bradley Baby Bag. Its has a perfect number of pockets, has a good opening and tons of room. It gets heavy once I stuff all my stuff in there but so far its just what I was looking for. 

So there you have it!! What are your favorite must-haves?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

time to take it down?

Well apparently Sampson seems to think so! Yesterday he went to look out the window and coming back out he knocked the tree down. It took me everything I had to get it back upright. Needless to say, its coming down this weekend!

Two side notes ……
1-last night I was struck with the stomach bug. My incrediable hubby canceled all patients today to tend to the babes. I stayed locked away in the bedroom with hopes they wouldn't get it. So please pray they don't!

2-a quick update on Reagan. She came out of surgery well today. She has a collapsed lung that have been causing some post op problems. Please continue to life sweet Reagan and her family up in your prayers as they have a long road ahead.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

URGENT! Prayers please,

for sweet Reagan Marie.

This is a sweet little girl of a dear friend from college. 

Reagan was born on February 12, 2010. 

Reagan was recently diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA is a neuromuscular disease characterized by degeneration of motor neurons, resulting, in progressive muscular atrophy and weakness.

Reagan is currently under care by the doctors and nurses at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC.

Tomorrow she is having a tracheostomy and a permanent feeding tube inserted due to this genetic disease. They have been at Levine Children's Center since before Thanksgiving and are hoping to leave before Reagan's first birthday on February 12. Please pray that sweet little Reagan can come home to celebrate her first birthday out of the hospital!!!

I know a lot of you out there who read my blog likely have a baby or babies around Reagan's age and I know you would all probably agree with me when I say I can't imagine having a sick child. Please, please join with me to pray for little Reagan tomorrow as she goes through surgery. Please also pray for her mother and father and the rest of her family. If you so feel compelled please feel free to copy and paste this onto your own blog so that we can have more and more people lifting Reagan up in their prayers. This sweet girl needs every last prayer she can get.  

More information and support for families with SMA can be found at:


I can't imagine 2011 being any more blessed than 2010 was. I'm looking forward to celebrating the babies 1st birthday in just a few short months. But before I look forward I wanted to take a look back at our amazing 2010.

{January 2010}
January stated with a BANG! We found out we were going to be on team pink. and team blue. Although I'm normally not a fan on January I spent most of the month giddy about my baby boy and girl. We also decided our babies name in January and I made it half way through my pregnancy.

{February 2010}
We spent most of the month of February trying to get the nursery done. Our cribs came in, we decided on bedding, painted, etc. We also had maternity pictures taken in February. When I look back at them I think I look so small compared to how I looked toward the end of the pregnancy. We also had our first baby shower in February and took our last trip home before the babies arrived. The babies were showered with so many gifts and we realized just how blessed we are.

{March 2010}
March started with the doctors telling me to prepare myself to stop working soon. We also had our second baby shower in Greenville. We ended up settling on a daycare in March and got our name on the insane wait list. By the end of March I started working full time from home. But got the good news I didn't have gestational diabetes.

{April 2010}
My in-laws came to town in April to help us make last minute preparations for the babies. I think April is when it finally started to hit me that this amazing journey was going to be coming to a close soon. It also became clear that I would be given the option of having a vaginal deliver if I choose. In April we did a CPR class to get up to date on emergency situations and we did a NICU tour. The end of April sort of fell apart for us. I ended up failing a fetal fibronectin test, becoming border line pre-eclamptic and being admitted to the hospital. I ended up spending 9 days of April in the hospital. But I did make the big 32 week milestone. Little did I know what May would bring.

{May 2010}
May began with me being in the hospital. I was so over it! But knew it was what I needed to do for the babies. I celebrated my first mother's day. I thought I would for sure have babies by mother's day. But it came and went. The upside of being it the hospital, I got to see the babies lots!! I had at least one u/s a week but got to hear them on the monitor at least once a day. On May 12 our lives changed forever. We welcomed our sweet babies into the world. Happy & Healthy!! Making my 19 day hospital stay completely worth it. We went home just a couple of days after the babies were born. The remainder of May was of course filled with lots of sleepless nights and I feel like I can't remember much of it now. Dalyn's mom stayed with us for a little over a week and my dad stayed the whole month of May. Oh we also celebrated my birthday on the 20th.

{June 2010}
My dad stayed through June but my grandmother, uncle and Dalyns parents all came back to visit/help during June. We spent lots of time adjusting to two babies and trying to get them on a schedule. Landry was diagnosed with reflux (yuck). Dalyn celebrated his first father's day and the babies took their first trip to the beach. We also had the babies newborn pictures taken.

{July 2010}
Brought new visitors when Ashley and Tony came to meet the babies for the first time. The babies celebrated their first 4th of July. And made their second trip to the beach. We moved the babies to the nursery in July. But the biggest happening of July was the babies started sleeping through the night!! I never imagined it would happen so soon. We also sent announcements to announce the babies arrival in July. The babies got to meet their delivering doctor, which was more special for me than them. Both babies starting smiling in response in July.

{August 2010}
We celebrated Dalyn's 28th birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary at the first of August. We braved our first trip home to meet the family in August. We had a big party where all of our families came to meet our sweet babies. A big milestone for the babies is that they started rolling belly to back and started smiling a lot more. Towards the end of August we introduced cereal to the babies. My dad came back in August and stayed through September

{September 2010}
In September we attempted our first long trip with the babies. We traveled to WNC to visit family, to East TN for the babies to meet our friends the bradshaws and to take a little vaca. They didn't wonderful! We also had their 3 mo pictures taken at the first of Sept. Once we returned home we spent lots of time trying to adjust the babies to a schedule again.

{October 2010}
October was a big month. Both our babies started rolling back to belly and belly to back. We started introducing solids in October. I think October is the point where the babies really started becoming little people to me. Thier personalities really started to show. Finley really started pulling herself around in circles towards the end of October and I became convinced she would crawl soon. The babies celebrated their first Halloween as little monkeys. We also found out our dear friends the bradshaws' were expecting baby number 3.

{November 2010}
Ashley and Tony came to visit during the first of November. Finley officially started army crawling and Landry started trying to crawl on all fours. We spent November celebrating all the things we were really thankful for. We went home to WNC to celebrate the babies first Thanksgiving. Both babies started to sit unassisted toward the end of November and got to move into a bath tub they could sit up in.

{December 2010}
Both of our babies officially became mobile during December. Finley is more of an army crawler and Landry crawls on all fours. Both babies really started to pull up in December too so we had to lower their cribs. Both babies cut their two bottom teeth during December. It was def filled with lots of changes! We got to go home for 10 days to celebrate the babies first Christmas. The babies also experienced their first really big snow storm. We ended December by ringing in the New Year and heading back home. We talked a lot about how we spent all of last December in anticipation of what genders we were having. I also had just really started feeling the babies move last December. What a difference a year makes.

So that was our 2010. I'm sure I left out lots of details but I tried to hit on the high notes. We had the most blessed and amazing 2010. I often look ahead and wonder what my recap next year will be like. The holidays were amazing and I can't wait to celebrate them again because I knew the babies will love it even more next year. I hope you all had a wonderful 2010 and I wish you all the best for 2011!

Phone Pictures

Sometimes the only thing I can get to in order to snap a pic is my phone. So i had a lot of pics from Christmas on there. I thought I would share a few more with you all.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

And boy did the weatherman deliver!

I thought while I had a little bit this morning I would try to recap our Christmas. We left for WNC (western north carolina) on Thursday, the 23rd. We arrived in town around 1:30ish and I immediately had to make a wal-mart run. I hadn't brought baby food or juice since I knew I could buy it there. We didn't really have set in stone plans so after than we ran by my grandmothers and then headed over to Dalyn's parents to relax and unwind.

.::.Friday, December 24.::.
Christmas Eve is our normal day to do Dalyn's family. Dalyn and his dad got up early to do last minute shopping and later that morning I ran out to try to find some last minute stuff too. Dalyn's family started arriving around 1ish. The babies got their first little taste of what was to come and they loved presents. Here is just a little glimpse of what they thought.
Not so sure at first
But she ended up loving opening presents
Loving his pillow pet!
Opening more presents

.::.Saturday, December 25.::.
Christmas morning we woke up to this
Oh and don't forget this.
the loot santa left

telling brother about everything
she loved just laying on top of presents
Normally we would go to my family's on Christmas but the snow put a hamper on our plans. We woke up around 7:30 on Christmas morning with light dusting and by the time we got presents opened, breakfast, and ready there was about 3 inches on the ground and although we probably could've made it out but I didn't want to risk it with the kiddos. And it was a good thing because by that night we had about this much snow

and it continued to come down for the remainder of Chrimstas day. So we decided to get out and make the babies first snow man.

my snow angels
Although it hampered our plans having it snow like it did was magical and perfect for the babies first Christmas.

.::.Sunday, December 26.::.
Sunday we were pretty much snowed in until I realized I was going to run our of formula so we had to make an emergency run to the store. While I was there I grabbed up enough stuff to make some chili. We spend the rest of the day snowed in. Here are a few pictures I snapped as we were headed to the store.

.::.Monday, December 27.::.
Monday Dalyn's mom was getting cabin fever so Dalyn ventured out to take us for a little shopping. I had a couple gift cards so we headed out for a few hours to get some relief from our cabin fever. It was great to get out of the house for a little while. And I think the babies were happy too. Dalyn's mom cooked the best casserole and it was def good snow food. Here is a pic of my boy enjoying the mashed potato beater.

.::.Tuesday, December 28.::.
We got out of visit with my grandmother, uncle and dad. We hadn't really had the chance to see them even though we had been there for like 5 days. Our plans got really messed up because of the snow. That night we had Christmas with another part of Dalyn's family. I forgot my camera so I didn't get to snap any photos.

.::.Wednesday, December 29.::.
We got to visit with my dad and mamaw in the nursing home for a little while Wednesday morning and then had plans to do Christmas with my family that night since we had missed doing it with them Christmas day. Here are a few pictures I snapped from the babies Christmas then. . .

for some reason they thought they had better leverage by standing
finley still tearing into them, while. . .
brother was getting paper pulled out of his mouth.
She loved to be laying on top of the presents
it completely wore her out.
The next couple of days through the 31st we spend visiting and spending time with family and friends. I have for years dreamed of waking up with kids on Christmas morning and I remember times wondering if it would ever happen; so the simple fact that it came true was present enough for me. Everyone kept asking what I wanted for Christmas and honestly I couldn't come up with anything because I really felt like I had all I ever wanted. The babies loved Christmas this year so I can't wait to see how they are next year at Christmas. They are certainly loved by everyone in our hometown and were showered with love and gifts this Christmas.