I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

And boy did the weatherman deliver!

I thought while I had a little bit this morning I would try to recap our Christmas. We left for WNC (western north carolina) on Thursday, the 23rd. We arrived in town around 1:30ish and I immediately had to make a wal-mart run. I hadn't brought baby food or juice since I knew I could buy it there. We didn't really have set in stone plans so after than we ran by my grandmothers and then headed over to Dalyn's parents to relax and unwind.

.::.Friday, December 24.::.
Christmas Eve is our normal day to do Dalyn's family. Dalyn and his dad got up early to do last minute shopping and later that morning I ran out to try to find some last minute stuff too. Dalyn's family started arriving around 1ish. The babies got their first little taste of what was to come and they loved presents. Here is just a little glimpse of what they thought.
Not so sure at first
But she ended up loving opening presents
Loving his pillow pet!
Opening more presents

.::.Saturday, December 25.::.
Christmas morning we woke up to this
Oh and don't forget this.
the loot santa left

telling brother about everything
she loved just laying on top of presents
Normally we would go to my family's on Christmas but the snow put a hamper on our plans. We woke up around 7:30 on Christmas morning with light dusting and by the time we got presents opened, breakfast, and ready there was about 3 inches on the ground and although we probably could've made it out but I didn't want to risk it with the kiddos. And it was a good thing because by that night we had about this much snow

and it continued to come down for the remainder of Chrimstas day. So we decided to get out and make the babies first snow man.

my snow angels
Although it hampered our plans having it snow like it did was magical and perfect for the babies first Christmas.

.::.Sunday, December 26.::.
Sunday we were pretty much snowed in until I realized I was going to run our of formula so we had to make an emergency run to the store. While I was there I grabbed up enough stuff to make some chili. We spend the rest of the day snowed in. Here are a few pictures I snapped as we were headed to the store.

.::.Monday, December 27.::.
Monday Dalyn's mom was getting cabin fever so Dalyn ventured out to take us for a little shopping. I had a couple gift cards so we headed out for a few hours to get some relief from our cabin fever. It was great to get out of the house for a little while. And I think the babies were happy too. Dalyn's mom cooked the best casserole and it was def good snow food. Here is a pic of my boy enjoying the mashed potato beater.

.::.Tuesday, December 28.::.
We got out of visit with my grandmother, uncle and dad. We hadn't really had the chance to see them even though we had been there for like 5 days. Our plans got really messed up because of the snow. That night we had Christmas with another part of Dalyn's family. I forgot my camera so I didn't get to snap any photos.

.::.Wednesday, December 29.::.
We got to visit with my dad and mamaw in the nursing home for a little while Wednesday morning and then had plans to do Christmas with my family that night since we had missed doing it with them Christmas day. Here are a few pictures I snapped from the babies Christmas then. . .

for some reason they thought they had better leverage by standing
finley still tearing into them, while. . .
brother was getting paper pulled out of his mouth.
She loved to be laying on top of the presents
it completely wore her out.
The next couple of days through the 31st we spend visiting and spending time with family and friends. I have for years dreamed of waking up with kids on Christmas morning and I remember times wondering if it would ever happen; so the simple fact that it came true was present enough for me. Everyone kept asking what I wanted for Christmas and honestly I couldn't come up with anything because I really felt like I had all I ever wanted. The babies loved Christmas this year so I can't wait to see how they are next year at Christmas. They are certainly loved by everyone in our hometown and were showered with love and gifts this Christmas.


Julia said…
LOVE the snow pictures!

We got pillow pets too! I bet those were probably one of the most popular Christmas presents this year.

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Babies tearing into wrapping paper is the best, isn't it?!

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