What Is Happening?

So my husband spends his lunch hour surfing the internet but his favorite thing to do is watch videos. So when he comes home at night it never fails that he has like 3 or 4 videos that he has to show me. Recently a lot of his videos have been about this whole new 'flash mob' thing. I guess the big thing now is to break out into song or dance in a huge group in the middle of the mall. And I am just wondering what is going on with this. What is the big deal about it? I'm also wondering if any of my readers out there have been a part of it, whether dancing/singing or just being an innocent bystander.

So here are a few videos of the 'flash mobs' . . . .

Flash Mob Wedding  >> Ace & TJ Show

This is one of my favorite ones recently >> Ace & TJ Show
Oh and this one too >> Ace & TJ Show

But besides that, my local hometown mall had a 'flash mob' hit this week and I thought I would share it too. It's by far not nearly as cool as some of these but never-the-less something that was close to home!

Hope you enjoy a little bit of video fun on this Monday!


Sarah said…
I have never been a part of a flash mob, but wanted to thank you for showing the 1 from the Ashevile mall. I think it is so funny and to know that it happened just a hour from where I am. Next thing you know they will have 1 at the Hickory Mall, which is about 20 mintues from me. All the small town people want in on it too. I love the guy dancing with the baby in the snugglie, too cute.

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