I can't imagine 2011 being any more blessed than 2010 was. I'm looking forward to celebrating the babies 1st birthday in just a few short months. But before I look forward I wanted to take a look back at our amazing 2010.

{January 2010}
January stated with a BANG! We found out we were going to be on team pink. and team blue. Although I'm normally not a fan on January I spent most of the month giddy about my baby boy and girl. We also decided our babies name in January and I made it half way through my pregnancy.

{February 2010}
We spent most of the month of February trying to get the nursery done. Our cribs came in, we decided on bedding, painted, etc. We also had maternity pictures taken in February. When I look back at them I think I look so small compared to how I looked toward the end of the pregnancy. We also had our first baby shower in February and took our last trip home before the babies arrived. The babies were showered with so many gifts and we realized just how blessed we are.

{March 2010}
March started with the doctors telling me to prepare myself to stop working soon. We also had our second baby shower in Greenville. We ended up settling on a daycare in March and got our name on the insane wait list. By the end of March I started working full time from home. But got the good news I didn't have gestational diabetes.

{April 2010}
My in-laws came to town in April to help us make last minute preparations for the babies. I think April is when it finally started to hit me that this amazing journey was going to be coming to a close soon. It also became clear that I would be given the option of having a vaginal deliver if I choose. In April we did a CPR class to get up to date on emergency situations and we did a NICU tour. The end of April sort of fell apart for us. I ended up failing a fetal fibronectin test, becoming border line pre-eclamptic and being admitted to the hospital. I ended up spending 9 days of April in the hospital. But I did make the big 32 week milestone. Little did I know what May would bring.

{May 2010}
May began with me being in the hospital. I was so over it! But knew it was what I needed to do for the babies. I celebrated my first mother's day. I thought I would for sure have babies by mother's day. But it came and went. The upside of being it the hospital, I got to see the babies lots!! I had at least one u/s a week but got to hear them on the monitor at least once a day. On May 12 our lives changed forever. We welcomed our sweet babies into the world. Happy & Healthy!! Making my 19 day hospital stay completely worth it. We went home just a couple of days after the babies were born. The remainder of May was of course filled with lots of sleepless nights and I feel like I can't remember much of it now. Dalyn's mom stayed with us for a little over a week and my dad stayed the whole month of May. Oh we also celebrated my birthday on the 20th.

{June 2010}
My dad stayed through June but my grandmother, uncle and Dalyns parents all came back to visit/help during June. We spent lots of time adjusting to two babies and trying to get them on a schedule. Landry was diagnosed with reflux (yuck). Dalyn celebrated his first father's day and the babies took their first trip to the beach. We also had the babies newborn pictures taken.

{July 2010}
Brought new visitors when Ashley and Tony came to meet the babies for the first time. The babies celebrated their first 4th of July. And made their second trip to the beach. We moved the babies to the nursery in July. But the biggest happening of July was the babies started sleeping through the night!! I never imagined it would happen so soon. We also sent announcements to announce the babies arrival in July. The babies got to meet their delivering doctor, which was more special for me than them. Both babies starting smiling in response in July.

{August 2010}
We celebrated Dalyn's 28th birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary at the first of August. We braved our first trip home to meet the family in August. We had a big party where all of our families came to meet our sweet babies. A big milestone for the babies is that they started rolling belly to back and started smiling a lot more. Towards the end of August we introduced cereal to the babies. My dad came back in August and stayed through September

{September 2010}
In September we attempted our first long trip with the babies. We traveled to WNC to visit family, to East TN for the babies to meet our friends the bradshaws and to take a little vaca. They didn't wonderful! We also had their 3 mo pictures taken at the first of Sept. Once we returned home we spent lots of time trying to adjust the babies to a schedule again.

{October 2010}
October was a big month. Both our babies started rolling back to belly and belly to back. We started introducing solids in October. I think October is the point where the babies really started becoming little people to me. Thier personalities really started to show. Finley really started pulling herself around in circles towards the end of October and I became convinced she would crawl soon. The babies celebrated their first Halloween as little monkeys. We also found out our dear friends the bradshaws' were expecting baby number 3.

{November 2010}
Ashley and Tony came to visit during the first of November. Finley officially started army crawling and Landry started trying to crawl on all fours. We spent November celebrating all the things we were really thankful for. We went home to WNC to celebrate the babies first Thanksgiving. Both babies started to sit unassisted toward the end of November and got to move into a bath tub they could sit up in.

{December 2010}
Both of our babies officially became mobile during December. Finley is more of an army crawler and Landry crawls on all fours. Both babies really started to pull up in December too so we had to lower their cribs. Both babies cut their two bottom teeth during December. It was def filled with lots of changes! We got to go home for 10 days to celebrate the babies first Christmas. The babies also experienced their first really big snow storm. We ended December by ringing in the New Year and heading back home. We talked a lot about how we spent all of last December in anticipation of what genders we were having. I also had just really started feeling the babies move last December. What a difference a year makes.

So that was our 2010. I'm sure I left out lots of details but I tried to hit on the high notes. We had the most blessed and amazing 2010. I often look ahead and wonder what my recap next year will be like. The holidays were amazing and I can't wait to celebrate them again because I knew the babies will love it even more next year. I hope you all had a wonderful 2010 and I wish you all the best for 2011!


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