Mommy Must-haves {part 3}

So I've done this occasionally and this one will be more mommy & baby must-haves. But here are some of the things we are loving right now.

The babies got tons of toys for Christmas. I mean so much so that our house looks like Toys R Us exploded in the living room. I've had to re-arrange and organize everything. Most of their toys they seem to just be okay with but two particular toys my uncle gave us as hand-me-downs from their little boy. Now keep in mind these were not wrapped presents under the tree just 'here you go we don't use these anymore, take them.' The first is this Leap Frog learning table. The babies love listening to the music and playing with all the little gadgets. The other thing I can't seem to save a picture of is the Vtech Sit to Stand Dancing Tower. Finley in particular loves to pull up and dance with the little bear on this. Now my kids are both EXTREMELY mobile and daring and are crawling and pulling up to everything so these are both perfect as it but what is nice also is that if your kid is just sitting they both adapt to a sitter too.

Our next must-have is, bumpkins bibs! I HATED washing cloth bibs and stains never coming out and them always looking terrible when we went out in public. I tried several cheaper versions but these are by far my favorite. They wipe off easily but the best part is that you can throw them in the washer. So far I'm SOLD!
So for Christmas we couldn't really decide what all the babies needed. They didn't need clothes and we knew they were already getting tons of toys so we decided the next best thing was a convertible carseat. We are flying to ATL in March and Dalyn's mom is meeting us there so we decided we could leave our infant car seats with her so we would have carseats for the babies when we get off the plane. So we made the investment and purchased these seats. We got the Boulevard 70 CS. And can I just say I feel like they are 100X's safer than our infant seats. I highly highly recommend them to anyone looking for a convertible seat. Also so far the babies seem to be much bigger fans in these than their other seats. 

The next thing they are loving in their jumperoo. I mean they've liked it a lot up until now but they have just really started bouncing like crazy since right before thanksgiving. So they are constantly wanting to get in and bounce.

Lastly is my mommy must-have. I've had tons of different diaper bags it seems like. I love my most recent one but it just wasn't giving me the room I needed. So I asked for a new diaper bag for Christmas and so far it's perfect and I love it. This is my new bag. Its the Vera Bradley Baby Bag. Its has a perfect number of pockets, has a good opening and tons of room. It gets heavy once I stuff all my stuff in there but so far its just what I was looking for. 

So there you have it!! What are your favorite must-haves?


Julia said…
TOTALLY agree with you on the bibs---they are definitely a must have for us! Brynne loves the music table--that thing is her absolute favorite! Jumperoo would probably be on my list too. It's so nice to have a fun, safe spot to stick a kiddo while you turn your back for a moment!

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