Week/Weekend Review

Wow it has been a busy past week/weekend in our household. I helped host a baby shower this weekend for a good friend and so I spend all last week busily making preparations. I just love a baby shower.

My busy babies seemed to have switched to a whole new gear this week. They went from high to full steam ahead. Some nights I go to bed more tired than when they were newborns. Landry has a fascination with the TRASH CAN!! gross I know. I can't keep them out of the kitchen these days. Really, who am I kidding I can't keep them out of much these days. Landry also has a VERY BAD HABIT of putting ANYTHING (and i do mean anything) straight into his mouth. For some reason Finley isn't as bad but man the stuff that I've found in his mouth might get me sent straight to DSS. And I honestly, whole-heartly keep my floors clean and all dangerous things to babies up and away. But my little man can pull stuff out of thin air. Finley has learn to 'love' her baby doll. And man oh man is it precious. Of course no videos or pics yet because as soon as anything electronic comes out there are on me before I know what's happening. They can also both 'dance.' I did sneak a video of it that I'll post hopefully tomorrow. I have a feeling these two are going to be serious entertainers. Oh, we've also learned 'the fake cough' this week. It's quite annoying and I hope its a quickly forgotten trick. And lastly the new big thing in our house is doors. Landry finds an open door and its quickly shut! I dread the day he can open them. But I thought I would share of few pics of my sweet ones over the past couple of weeks.

oh and I have two climbers
One determined little girl
He also loves to look out at the dogs. 
bath time fun

Oh I had to go back to the dr this week. For nothing major, just a change in birth control. But the doctor did say he would like for me to start getting out a little more. And he would like Dalyn and I to start getting out once a week for a date night. It's something we've been talking about doing for a while, we just need to be more intentional about doing it. He also suggested a book for us to read together. Its called 'Becoming Your Spouses Better Half:Why Differences Make A Better Marriage.' He said it is a great read together. Have any of you read it? Dalyn and I have a great marriage, but after two years of infertility and 8 months of being pregnant and 8 months of being busy raising twins we just don't take as much time as we need to for 'us.' I mean honestly do any parents? So we going to spend some time getting back to 'us' before infertility, before pregnancy, and before twins. Not that we aren't a great couple or great parents but I think we'll be better together and for them if we do this. And it's like our doctor said 'if you don't take the time to do this now, are you going to wake up in 4 years and ask yourself do i even like this guy?' So we're going to start being more intentional about spending time as a couple and enjoying each other and who we are as individuals and not just parents.

We have also been very busy trying to prepare a budget and figure out a good way to stick with it. Lots more about this later. But we are trying to prepare ourselves for some big big moves in life so please pray for us as our journey continues.

I also hate this time of the year. My mom as been gone 6 years on Wednesday. 6 years! I don't wanna blog about it much now because I have a post coming on Wednesday. But my emotions this year seem to be much different than years past.

Finally, some pics from the baby shower. We met our friends Josh and Stefanie playing co-ed softball. They have quickly become our best friends in Greenville and some of the only friends here. They threw us a shower when we became pregnant with the babies. Stefanie is a NICU nurse and came to visit me often in the hospital, she definitely help break up some long days. But even more special is she was the NICU nurse that checked out both babies. One of our first pictures of Finley is with Stef. About a month or so after the babies were born they called with the news they were expecting. We were excited to find out a few months later it was a boy! And now little Davis is about to make his arrival. So here are a few pics.

this was my first every diaper cake
this was the amazing cake and cupcakes my co-host Ashly made
and the mints i'm still munching on. they were devine!!
pirate popcorn favors! i love this idea
the banner i made and also the small 'diaper cupcakes' on top of the mantel
the happy couple. please notice stef barely looks pregnant. she has the most adorable bump
my very attentive children and hubby
presents. . .  
more presents. . .
and even more presents. 


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