Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Blogoversary!

Today marks two years I've been keeping up my blog. Two years? Really? Wow! Time certainly does fly by. I never could've imagined I would have kept this up for two years. It has been an amazing outlet for me and I'm so thankful for everything its done for me. And also the people its allowed me to connect with.  I hope that I can continue for many years to come. So for my last day of being thankful, I'm thankful for my blog. The outlet its given me. The people its allowed me to meet. And the diary its allowed me to keep about life, infertility, pregnancy and most of all my sweet babies.

Thanks to you all for continuing to read and follow!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving {2010} & More

So I had posts scheduled for everyday last week, well they didn't post. Apparently, instead they were deleted or something. Who knows what I've done. So I have a hodge podge of stuff to catch everyone up on. But I still wanted to make sure I gave thanks to my top three things (in no particular order).

1) My beautiful babies
2) My amazing husband
3) My Savior

Need I really say any more about any 3 of those?

Also, as you may notice I have yet to post any 6 month pictures. Well, let me just tell you. . . I have BUSY babies and pictures seem almost non-exsistant at this point. So here are the best three pictures I got of them. And yes, I'm aware I hadn't even managed to get their 6 month stickers on yet.

We decided last week that we might try to sneak away a little early for the trip home for thanksgiving. Well, that left me Monday to get all the laundry done, house cleaned and everyone packed. So needless to say Monday I was crazy. I don't think I had a moment to sit down. First thing Tuesday morning we got the babies up and fed and we hit the road. We left at 9am, right on time but didn't end up getting out of town until 10:30 because we ended up with so many errands to run. We made it to WNC about 5pm and let me tell you, we were all four ready to get out of that stupid car. Landry screamed for the last 2 1/2 hours and I had a busting headache so the combination was BAD! But we all got a little rest and were ready to let the festivities begin on Wednesday.
This was Tuesday night when we got in. My mammaw is in a nursing home and they did Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday. So we went and spent some time with her. 

We did Thanksgiving day at my mom's families and  at dalyn's parents. Here are some pics from that day
Babies 1st Thanksgiving
Babies 1st Thanksgiving
My beautiful girl
Mommy rocks and got us turkey baby food!
They loved Nathaniel
Grandma with the babies
Apparently TV was more important that a picture with mommy. 
Aunt Diane & Uncle Richard
PB, Nate & the babies
We love Nana & Big Popi
Happy Thanksgiving from Landry
Happy Thanksgiving from Finley
Our first Thanksgiving as a family of 4!

Thanksgiving Round 3 was with my sisters, brother and thier families. 

The newest addition, my great-nephew, Easton. 

Daddy & Finley trying to nap
My niece Brooke & Landry
Our family is certainly expanding fast!


I seriously probably had billions of photos to share so I'll spare you. But as you can see the babies had a wonderful first thanksgiving with many friends, family and future playmates. So many things are changing with our babies, it seems to be happening daily. Finley has one tooth through and other you can see and I'm waiting any day for Landry's to pop through. Both babies can army crawl anywhere and Finley is quickly learning you have to use your knees to go fast. Its funny because they can't quite sit up on their own and I try to 'practice' with them but they have no interest in sitting on their butts, they want to be moving. We are currently in the midst of what I think must be their first little colds. They are congested and have a little cough. I've thought it could be teeth too but who knows. It amazes me how quickly they are changing. Finley is now grabbing for cups and can take it to her mouth like your suppose to and even tip it back to drink. They want to be at the dinner table when we are and they would really prefer to be eating too. Since we started with the colds they haven't been sleeping great. I think the sinus drainage must be waking them up. So hopefully we'll be done with that soon. I am decorating for Christmas this year and getting Christmas outfits and pjs washed up. I can't wait to see them at Christmas. While we were shopping for toys the other day, Dalyn reminded me that my babies will be 7 1/2 months at Christmas. How is that possible? Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day and had as much to be thankful for as I did.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Parents

I don't know if I've ever really blogged a whole lot about my parents. So here's a little recap. My mother is no longer alive. She passed away in Feb 2005 from lung cancer. She wasn't sick very long; she had been diagnosed in July 2004. Although we'd had our disagreements throughout my teenage years she was my BEST FRIEND!! I mean right down to knowing personal secrets about boyfriends to going with me to get my belly button pierced. My dad is still living and has been a big part of our lives since he retired in Feb 2006. He was always the provider of our household and although he had his pitfalls I love him more than anything in the world. I honestly had the most amazing parents ever!! They shaped me into the woman, mother, wife, daughter, friend that I am today. They have always been 100% supportive in everything I've ever done. I miss my mom every single day. Gosh, I wish she was here. Sometimes I just look at the babies and could imagine the joy in her eyes. My dad has been full of nothing but pure joy since they arrived and I know he wishes he could see her with them too. So today I am thankful for the person that my parents raised me to become. And I am thankful that God blessed me with amazing parents who loved me the whole world over. Here are a few pictures of my parents. . .

This was the last Christmas my mom was alive. I am so thankful she felt good during the holidays
This was my mom and I. I love the pure happiness you can see on her face.
This was Dalyn's college graduation. Two months before my mom was diagnosed.
I caught my dad and Finley napping one day! 
With Landry. 

Monday, November 22, 2010


Since it's Thanksgiving week, I wanted to do a very special post each day this week. These are the thing in life that I am truly blessed with and give thanks for each and every day of the year. Today I am thankful for my amazing in-laws. From day 1 they have supported Dalyn and I and been amazing. Dalyn's mom and I have a truly amazing friendship and are often mistaken for 'mother and daughter.' After losing my own mother she has become and amazing women of support in my life. I know she would be there for me no matter what. They absolutely LOVE our children and I am so thankful Landry and Finley will have such amazing grandparents. I can't wait to get back to living closer to them.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So I don't know where to begin to say how thankful I am for the amzing friendship that we have with Ashley & Tony. Tony, Dalyn and I went to school together and Tony and I were in the same grade. So I'd known Tony for quite a while. But our friendship didn't really develop until our senior year. There was a large group of us that had planned to rent a huge limo and go to prom together. Well, needless to say the main planner decided at the last minute to back out and leave everyone hanging. So that left Ashley & Tony, Dalyn & I and several other couples. So Ashley and I, along with the help of our moms, pulled together and planned prom for the group. The rest is pretty much history. . .

Of course like any friendships we've had our ups and downs but we've remained amazingly close throughout the past 8 years. The interesting part of our story is that we've basically never lived in the same city. We've always maintained a 'long-distance' friendship. Ashley was an amazing support to me when I lost my mother and even through she lived 12+ hours away, she was in her car on the way as soon as she heard the news. She was the best matron of honor a girl could ask for. She was a great resource during my pregnancy and continues to be during my journey of motherhood. I love Reeslyn like she was my own andI know Ashley feels the same about my kiddos. Ashley and Tony know more about Dalyn and I than probably even our own families! We've told them things I would dream about telling anyone else. We have a truly unique and amazing friendship that I give thanks for every day and I know Dalyn does to. I can't wait to watch our families grow together and our friendship continue to grow in the coming years. Here are a few pictures of our friendship over the years.

We love you guys and are so thankful God brought you into our lives!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


We first met the Bradshaws' in 2008 when Dalyn started his residency at UT Knoxville. Do you ever meet someone and just know you'll be instant friends? That's how Casey and I were. She is such an amazing women, mother, wife and friend. She was an amazing example of the mother I wanted to be when we had children. Nora had just turned one when we meant them and not long after that they announced baby #2 was on the way. Her and Jonathan instantly helped us feel like Knoxville was home and it was amazing to have that kind of friend and support. You see when we first moved to Knoxville is when we were officially diagnosed as being 'infertile' and what that meant. And it was also when our official struggle to become parents started. Even though Casey didn't necessarily always emphasize I knew she was sympathetic and was always a wonder ear to listen. Some times it's just that God knows the exact right time to bring someone into your life and wow did he hit the nail on the head with the Bradshaws.' I really couldn't say enough to express how thankful I am for their friendship. And although we've been away for about a year and half we have made it a point to stay close the the Bradshaws'. Our goal is to get back close to Sylva/Knoxville so we can't wait to be able to live close to our dear friends again! Here are just a few pics of us.

This was when Liam was first born. I wish that I only looked 1/2 as good as Casey did after I had my kiddos

This was at our baby shower in February. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

finley & landry {six months}

No I guess my eye's aren't playing tricks on me. My sweet babies really are SIX months old. Half the year has gone by and I'm still left questioning, where did it go. I have never lived a more amazing six months in my life and the most amazing part of that is that I know it will only continue! It is pure joy! To go along with my thankful posts, I will say of course I'm thankful for these babies. I am also thankful at how surprisingly easy these last six months have been. I have the most content, happy, easy babies ever. I love it when someone in public says 'oh you have your hands full' and my normal response is, no not really, I have wonderful babies. I've had several people comment 'your two seem easier than my one' and deep inside it makes me smile because other people see what amazing babies I am blessed with too. 

finley marie
at five months, you:
weigh 13 lbs 8 oz
wear size 2 diapers
are in 6 mo stuff
Similac for Fussiness & Gas and drink anywhere from 6-8 oz every 4-5 hours
are eating cereal along with a fruit or veggie once a day
have now tried Peaches, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Peas, Apples, Bananas, Pears
you do not like peas at all
we introduced you to a sippy cup during solids and you are doing great with it!
you can now hold your own bottle, although most times would prefer us to do it
 size 2 nipple, although we have fed you out of a size 3, we just don't have enough for every bottle
are an amazing sleeper. You are normally napping 2-3 times a day and normally go down for bed around 9 and are up around 8:30
still take a paci but we try to only offer it during naps and at bedtime
you have a huge personality, you are becoming increasingly more giggles and you talk almost non-stop. You are very opinionated and have mommies personality for sure. You still have your trademark 'squeal' and man does it get louder every time. 
you are a mover. just this week you have started to 'army crawl' and between that and rolling you are everywhere. Daddy and I just talked about baby-proofing for you. 
are becoming so curious. you love to feel peoples faces and always want to reach and grab at things. 
you still have an initial fear of strangers and are really more ok as long as mommy or daddy is holding you
you get so excited for baths and have started wanting to sit up in the bath
are such a chatty little girl, as soon as you wake up in the morning we hear you chatting away on your monitor
you are in love with the dogs although they don't fancy you quite as much
your littles legs are getting stronger and you've started wanting to stand more
you love your exersaucer but don't care for the jumparoo.
your current favorite toys are a chew book, baby einstein octopus, chester your monkey, a little steering wheel and sophie your giraffe.

landry knox
at five months, you:
weigh 13 lbs 11 oz
wear size 2 diapers
are in 6 month stuff
Similac for Fussiness & Gas and drink about 8 oz every 4-5 hours
we are trying to wean you for reflux medicine so we have started giving it to you just once a day

ave now tried Peaches, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Peas, Apples, Bananas, Pears
we introduced you to a sippy cup during solids and you are doing great with it!
you can now hold your own bottle, although most times would prefer us to do it
you only like rice cereal
 size 3 nipple
are an amazing sleeper. You are normally napping 2-3 times a day and normally go down for bed around 9 and are up around 8:30
you are a thumb sucker and also love you have something over your head to put yourself to sleep
are so happy when you wake in the mornings and you 'talk' with your mobile forever
you have mastered rolling and have starting getting up on all fours to crawl. Your only problem is you know you need to lunge forward but your hands don't go with you, so you face plant. You'll get it. You have the strongest little legs and can stand unassisted holding onto something.
are such a content, happy baby with a big personality 
are so ticklish and giggly
are definitely going to be a red headed
thinks before you bedtime bottle you must ALWAYS have a bath and refuse to eat without your bath
love your jumparoo and the exersaucer, although your sissy doesn't like to share
your favorite toys are sophie your giraffe, reese your monkey, and anything that makes noise
are reaching and grabbing for everything. Nothing is off limits if you can reach it.

6 month pictures to follow. . . . 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Bees

This weekend we had friends in town and so I abandoned the blog. I mean when we have people come to visit I love it so I don't want to take a second out of enjoying that time. Our best friends Ashley and Tony and their little girl Reeslyn came Thursday night. We celebrated the babies 6 month birthday Friday and Reeslyn's 2nd birthday Sunday. (6 mo post coming) We had a wonderful time. So all weekend I am very thankful for birthday, friends, fun times, laughs, and memories. I have so many posts to catch up on but for now I thought I would leave you with a pic of one cute little baby. . . .

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today in celebration of Veterans Day I am more than thankful for the service men and women past, present and future who have fought, fight and will fight for mine and my families freedom. One day just isn't enough to thank them for the scarifies they have made. And on this day when we honor those service men and women let's also take a moment to be thankful of their families who have given up more than most of us could ever imagine. I can't imagine being a military wife whose husband is oversees while I am raising twins. So I am very thankful for the service men and women, their families and my freedom.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I find myself in tears a lot sometimes. I thought it would be just a pregnancy thing that would go away soon after the babies were delivered but it hasn't. I think it's because my life is more amazing than I could've ever imagined. So tonight as we were sitting watching the CMAs. Yes I LOVE country music. I mean I like a lot of music but you can't live in Nashville for four years and not have a heart for country music. But anyways, I've never been a huge George Strait. I mean I have a few songs of his that I like but when he sang his new song I couldn't help but cry. So I thought I would share,

He looks up from second base 
dad’s up in the stands
He saw the hit, the run, the slide 
there ain’t no bigger fan

In the parking lot after the game he said
“Dad I thought you had a plane to catch”
He smiled and said “Yeah son I did”

Life’s not the breaths you take
The breathing in and out
That gets you through the day
Ain’t what it’s all about
Ya just might miss the point
Try’n to win the race
Life’s not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away

Fast forward fifteen years
And a thousand miles away
Boy’s built a life he’s got a wife
And a baby due today
He hears a voice saying “I made it son
He said “I told you dad you didn’t have to come”
He smiles and says ”Yeah I know you did”

Life’s not the breaths you take
The breathing in and out
That gets you through the day
Ain’t what it’s all about
Ya just might miss the point
If ya don’t slow down the pace
Life’s not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away

Just like it took my breath when she was born
Just like it took my breath away when dad took his last that morn

Life’s not the breaths you take
The breathing in and out
That gets you through the day
Ain’t what it’s all about
Ya just might miss the point
If ya don’t slow down the pace
Life’s not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away

So the part that caught me so strongly was when it talks about a baby being due today. Made me think back to the day my sweet babies were born and then makes me think back to the day my mom took her last breath. I thought I needed my mom when I got married or graduated or when I was pregnant. But, some days now I find myself needing her more than I ever have. She was my rock. There are definitely days that I just take a deep breath and say 'mom, where are you when I need you the most.' So of course that got me a little teary eyed. But then Dalyn looked down at Finley (landry was asleep) and said 'baby girl, i held my breath and pushed every second with your mommy until you entered this world and I could breath.' Although everyday I wish I could bring my mom back I am thankful for my life here and now. I know she would be absolutely in love with these little ones but I know she watches over them night and day. So although life may be challenging, stressful, crazy try to remember those 'moments that take your breath away' make every other second with living. 

'For Sale'

LoL! Some of you all  may find this post a little strange and well it is. But I thought maybe it may work out.

I am trying to sell some excess baby stuff. I am willing to ship all over the US if you pay the shipping fee.

I have a Chicco Cortina Together Stroller in Cubes. This stroller is brand new, and I mean literally. We've rolled it our the front door all of twice. I listed the stroller for $250 on my local craigslist but am willing to take $200 for it if you want it shipped that way that should cover the shipping charges.

I also have 2 Fisher Price Little Lamb Swings and 2 Little Lamb Bouncy Seats. I am asking $150 for a swing and seat combination. If you want one piece individually email me.

If anyone is interested email me at jessicawebb01@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SAHM - Of Sorts

Today I'm thankful that for now I am a stay at home mom. I had plans on going back to work, however, when I contacted them to say my daycare had two openings and that I was ready to come back they said 'surprise, we can't afford you to come back.' So although I've searched for jobs I haven't had any luck so far. But with my sweet girl trying to crawl and changes on what seem like a daily basis I'm glad that I'm getting to see and experience it first hand. Don't get me wrong their are definitely huge sacrifices we are making but for now we're scraping by and I'm loving being able to build the memories with my babies. And also have a lot of their 'firsts' on video!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Finley Crawls

Um, yes you read that correctly! Holy Moly, what is happening in my house. Can someone please let me borrow the pause button because this is all happening way to fast! She is just army crawling and she won't do it all the time but I'm guessing it won't be long she'll be full speed ahead.

Please excuse my videoing skills. They are terrible, I know!


I am very thankful that so far in our food adventures my kiddos haven't been picky and have loved everything. Well almost everything. Even though I do several bites of peas about every other day, they still aren't warming up to the idea. So I'm curious, do any of y'all have recipes for baby food peas? I've been open to making their baby food from day 1 but when I thought I might be going back to work I decided I probably just wouldn't have the time. Well now that it appears that work isn't happening I wouldn't mind to spend the extra time making baby food if I knew it meant they would eat it. So anyone have any suggestions??

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nap Time

Today I am thankful for the 30 minute nap we squeezed in. It's only 6:15 and I feel like I may not make it until bedtime so I know I would be wiped our had I not been able to squeeze in that power nap. I am, however, not thankful for this time change. Whoever thought it was a good idea, clearly didn't have 5 month olds who were one a great schedule!! I say why don't we adjust it 30 minutes one way or the other and leave it alone, FOREVER!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay not that kind. Although seeing that reminds me that God truly paints beautiful masterpieces.

Today we purchased a Rainbow Vacuum. We had borrowed a friends a few weeks ago and I fell in love. Yes in love with a vacuum and it is possible. Its not just a vacuum but an air purifier, mop, carpet cleaner. I mean do I need to go on? Its amazing. We have 3 dogs but I thought I did a pretty good job keeping a clean house. Once over with this and it was a whole different story. I was absolutely AMAZED at what all it cleaned up. Maybe you've never heard of Rainbow?? I hadn't. But now I'm sold. Our friend has hers for 12 years!! And it still worked wonders. I have a Dyson Pet Vacuum and it would honestly run circles around mine. If you live in NC and want to know more contact me jessicawebb01@gmail.com. If you don't live in NC still feel free to contact me and I'll help you find your nearest rep. Their demos are free and absolutely no obligation. And it absolutely sells itself during the demo. This is great for households with allergies too. The testimonies of families of children with allergies is unbelievable. 

So today I'm thankful for my Rainbow Vacuum. I know it will make our household cleaner and healthier. 

Friday, November 5, 2010


Two years ago when Dalyn and I first starting trying to have a baby, I started shopping for baby stuff, naive thinking I would be pregnant in no time. I had every last thing picked out that I wanted for my little one to be. As time passed I realized that the 'old' stuff I wanted was being replaced with 'new' stuff. I went through several several seasons of patterns, colors, etc. I had pretty much stopped looking at baby stuff when we started infertility treatments. I knew that it would just make me more depressed than I already was. So when we found our we were pregnant I was elated I could start looking at baby stuff again. We found out we were having twins early on so I began looking 'twos' of everything. People would say, 'you don't really need two or this or two of that' or 'why don't you buy used or borrow someone's because the babies won't use it long.' My answer was always 'I've waited two years to be able to shop and buy, so I will buy what I want, no matter how expensive in whatever so quantity I choose.' Sound selfish? Well it probably was but after all I had waited so long for this.

Recently, I attended a local meeting of mothers of multiples (if you have one in your area I highly recommend it) and during the meeting they discussed finding a family that had multiples to help over the holiday season. I have a friend with a local organization that helps families and so I volunteered to contact her to find a family. I can't discuss much but I was absolutely HUMBLED at the things this family 'wanted/needed.' I wasn't the 'stuff' that I would've asked for and so it may me reason just how thankful I am for the 'stuff' that we were able to provide for our children. That all that stuff isn't really a necessity but more of a luxury. We buy almost constantly for our babies and are very fortunate that Dalyn has a good job that allows that but it made me realize that there are a lot more people out there that can't do that for their children.

So during this holiday season, if you are a little more fortunate, I urge you to find a family and help them see the joy of giving. It really will make you heart feel more happy. It will make you thankful for the 'luxuries' you have been given.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm thankful for Thursdays. Thursdays are Dalyns Fridays and that means 3 days of family time and an extra set of hands!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

slow cookin'

I am soooo thankful to have my crockpot. Simple, yes I know but man does it comes in handy with two very busy babies. Finley is teething and I mean so bad so that when I took her to the dr on Monday they said it looked like she was trying to cut four through at the same time. YIKES!! So needless to say she wants mommy cuddles almost all day. And I mean really who could blame the poor girl. I'm just happy she is still napping and sleeping good at night. So today was a day for the crockpot. Maybe tomorrow if my new recipe turns out good I will post it. And could be get so lucky as to wake up with at least 1 little nub poking through to give this girl some relief.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thankful for . . .

a solid nights sleep. My babies have been great night sleepers since they were about 2 1/2 months old. So for the past week or so they've been waking up several times in the middle of the night. Yesterday I broke down and took them to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't their ears. It wasn't, thank goodness. She said it could be teeth or a growth spurt or just a phase. So last night we put then down with fingers crossed and thankfully not a peep until about 6:30 this morning, when Finley tussled for her paci, got it and fell straight back to sleep until they both woke up around 8:30. I woke up feeling extremely refreshed! I have also ran into several twin moms recently and stumbled onto several twin mommy blogs whose twins are 9 mos+ and are still getting up 2-3 times a night. It really put things in to perspective and so today I'm thankful my sweet munchkins sleep through the night and I get a solid nights sleep most nights!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

count the ways

So we all know I had an epic fail in my 'Blogtober' attempt. I made it about half way through the month then bombed the rest of the month. So, WHY?, you may ask would I make another attempt at something that requires me to blog everyday. Well, the main reason is that I have soooo much to be thankful for. Sometimes it may not be as big and obvious as other times but its still something I should give thanks for. Also, I think lots of times we take the small things for granted. So here goes my next attempt, to blog something I'm thankful for everyday for the month of November. After all, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, right? Because I think it is important, join me, in November to give thanks to everything in your life!!

So to start it off, of course I don't want to start off with anything obvious because clearly those are the big big things and they will come later. I'll start with being thankful for the beautiful fall weather we are finally having. We just moved to this area last year so I don't have much to compare it to but it has been HOT this year to say the least. So I'm happy its cooled off and we can get outside and enjoy something other than 90 degrees.

Happy Halloween

Okay November 1st. Whatever. Just consider lucky I'm getting to it this early. My in-laws were in town since Thursday so we had a busy weekend to say the least. We also took more than a billion pictures in those four days, including Halloween. I've been busy trying to edit them all. But here are a few of my favorites so far!

Happy Halloween!

My scary face

Standing like a big boy

My two monkeys!

Monkey Butt


Nana & Big Poppi

Pretty Pig-Tails

Deep Thought

Family Fun