We first met the Bradshaws' in 2008 when Dalyn started his residency at UT Knoxville. Do you ever meet someone and just know you'll be instant friends? That's how Casey and I were. She is such an amazing women, mother, wife and friend. She was an amazing example of the mother I wanted to be when we had children. Nora had just turned one when we meant them and not long after that they announced baby #2 was on the way. Her and Jonathan instantly helped us feel like Knoxville was home and it was amazing to have that kind of friend and support. You see when we first moved to Knoxville is when we were officially diagnosed as being 'infertile' and what that meant. And it was also when our official struggle to become parents started. Even though Casey didn't necessarily always emphasize I knew she was sympathetic and was always a wonder ear to listen. Some times it's just that God knows the exact right time to bring someone into your life and wow did he hit the nail on the head with the Bradshaws.' I really couldn't say enough to express how thankful I am for their friendship. And although we've been away for about a year and half we have made it a point to stay close the the Bradshaws'. Our goal is to get back close to Sylva/Knoxville so we can't wait to be able to live close to our dear friends again! Here are just a few pics of us.

This was when Liam was first born. I wish that I only looked 1/2 as good as Casey did after I had my kiddos

This was at our baby shower in February. 


Casey said…
I love you, my sweet friend.

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