Two years ago when Dalyn and I first starting trying to have a baby, I started shopping for baby stuff, naive thinking I would be pregnant in no time. I had every last thing picked out that I wanted for my little one to be. As time passed I realized that the 'old' stuff I wanted was being replaced with 'new' stuff. I went through several several seasons of patterns, colors, etc. I had pretty much stopped looking at baby stuff when we started infertility treatments. I knew that it would just make me more depressed than I already was. So when we found our we were pregnant I was elated I could start looking at baby stuff again. We found out we were having twins early on so I began looking 'twos' of everything. People would say, 'you don't really need two or this or two of that' or 'why don't you buy used or borrow someone's because the babies won't use it long.' My answer was always 'I've waited two years to be able to shop and buy, so I will buy what I want, no matter how expensive in whatever so quantity I choose.' Sound selfish? Well it probably was but after all I had waited so long for this.

Recently, I attended a local meeting of mothers of multiples (if you have one in your area I highly recommend it) and during the meeting they discussed finding a family that had multiples to help over the holiday season. I have a friend with a local organization that helps families and so I volunteered to contact her to find a family. I can't discuss much but I was absolutely HUMBLED at the things this family 'wanted/needed.' I wasn't the 'stuff' that I would've asked for and so it may me reason just how thankful I am for the 'stuff' that we were able to provide for our children. That all that stuff isn't really a necessity but more of a luxury. We buy almost constantly for our babies and are very fortunate that Dalyn has a good job that allows that but it made me realize that there are a lot more people out there that can't do that for their children.

So during this holiday season, if you are a little more fortunate, I urge you to find a family and help them see the joy of giving. It really will make you heart feel more happy. It will make you thankful for the 'luxuries' you have been given.


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