'For Sale'

LoL! Some of you all  may find this post a little strange and well it is. But I thought maybe it may work out.

I am trying to sell some excess baby stuff. I am willing to ship all over the US if you pay the shipping fee.

I have a Chicco Cortina Together Stroller in Cubes. This stroller is brand new, and I mean literally. We've rolled it our the front door all of twice. I listed the stroller for $250 on my local craigslist but am willing to take $200 for it if you want it shipped that way that should cover the shipping charges.

I also have 2 Fisher Price Little Lamb Swings and 2 Little Lamb Bouncy Seats. I am asking $150 for a swing and seat combination. If you want one piece individually email me.

If anyone is interested email me at jessicawebb01@gmail.com


Amy said…
Oh, I did the same thing last weekend. I am so ready to have some of this out of the house. I bet you will be able to sell most of it. I imagine your stroller will go fast. Did you also list with your multiples group?

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