Thanksgiving {2010} & More

So I had posts scheduled for everyday last week, well they didn't post. Apparently, instead they were deleted or something. Who knows what I've done. So I have a hodge podge of stuff to catch everyone up on. But I still wanted to make sure I gave thanks to my top three things (in no particular order).

1) My beautiful babies
2) My amazing husband
3) My Savior

Need I really say any more about any 3 of those?

Also, as you may notice I have yet to post any 6 month pictures. Well, let me just tell you. . . I have BUSY babies and pictures seem almost non-exsistant at this point. So here are the best three pictures I got of them. And yes, I'm aware I hadn't even managed to get their 6 month stickers on yet.

We decided last week that we might try to sneak away a little early for the trip home for thanksgiving. Well, that left me Monday to get all the laundry done, house cleaned and everyone packed. So needless to say Monday I was crazy. I don't think I had a moment to sit down. First thing Tuesday morning we got the babies up and fed and we hit the road. We left at 9am, right on time but didn't end up getting out of town until 10:30 because we ended up with so many errands to run. We made it to WNC about 5pm and let me tell you, we were all four ready to get out of that stupid car. Landry screamed for the last 2 1/2 hours and I had a busting headache so the combination was BAD! But we all got a little rest and were ready to let the festivities begin on Wednesday.
This was Tuesday night when we got in. My mammaw is in a nursing home and they did Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday. So we went and spent some time with her. 

We did Thanksgiving day at my mom's families and  at dalyn's parents. Here are some pics from that day
Babies 1st Thanksgiving
Babies 1st Thanksgiving
My beautiful girl
Mommy rocks and got us turkey baby food!
They loved Nathaniel
Grandma with the babies
Apparently TV was more important that a picture with mommy. 
Aunt Diane & Uncle Richard
PB, Nate & the babies
We love Nana & Big Popi
Happy Thanksgiving from Landry
Happy Thanksgiving from Finley
Our first Thanksgiving as a family of 4!

Thanksgiving Round 3 was with my sisters, brother and thier families. 

The newest addition, my great-nephew, Easton. 

Daddy & Finley trying to nap
My niece Brooke & Landry
Our family is certainly expanding fast!


I seriously probably had billions of photos to share so I'll spare you. But as you can see the babies had a wonderful first thanksgiving with many friends, family and future playmates. So many things are changing with our babies, it seems to be happening daily. Finley has one tooth through and other you can see and I'm waiting any day for Landry's to pop through. Both babies can army crawl anywhere and Finley is quickly learning you have to use your knees to go fast. Its funny because they can't quite sit up on their own and I try to 'practice' with them but they have no interest in sitting on their butts, they want to be moving. We are currently in the midst of what I think must be their first little colds. They are congested and have a little cough. I've thought it could be teeth too but who knows. It amazes me how quickly they are changing. Finley is now grabbing for cups and can take it to her mouth like your suppose to and even tip it back to drink. They want to be at the dinner table when we are and they would really prefer to be eating too. Since we started with the colds they haven't been sleeping great. I think the sinus drainage must be waking them up. So hopefully we'll be done with that soon. I am decorating for Christmas this year and getting Christmas outfits and pjs washed up. I can't wait to see them at Christmas. While we were shopping for toys the other day, Dalyn reminded me that my babies will be 7 1/2 months at Christmas. How is that possible? Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day and had as much to be thankful for as I did.


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