My Parents

I don't know if I've ever really blogged a whole lot about my parents. So here's a little recap. My mother is no longer alive. She passed away in Feb 2005 from lung cancer. She wasn't sick very long; she had been diagnosed in July 2004. Although we'd had our disagreements throughout my teenage years she was my BEST FRIEND!! I mean right down to knowing personal secrets about boyfriends to going with me to get my belly button pierced. My dad is still living and has been a big part of our lives since he retired in Feb 2006. He was always the provider of our household and although he had his pitfalls I love him more than anything in the world. I honestly had the most amazing parents ever!! They shaped me into the woman, mother, wife, daughter, friend that I am today. They have always been 100% supportive in everything I've ever done. I miss my mom every single day. Gosh, I wish she was here. Sometimes I just look at the babies and could imagine the joy in her eyes. My dad has been full of nothing but pure joy since they arrived and I know he wishes he could see her with them too. So today I am thankful for the person that my parents raised me to become. And I am thankful that God blessed me with amazing parents who loved me the whole world over. Here are a few pictures of my parents. . .

This was the last Christmas my mom was alive. I am so thankful she felt good during the holidays
This was my mom and I. I love the pure happiness you can see on her face.
This was Dalyn's college graduation. Two months before my mom was diagnosed.
I caught my dad and Finley napping one day! 
With Landry. 


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