What to Feed 'Em

So I've been doing somewhat poorly blogging and keeping up with blogs lately. I don't really have an excuse other than lots of other stuff to keep me busy. So Friday I read Amy's blog at Will Work for IVF and she is doing a post every Friday about recipes and such to feed your kids. I instantly thought what an amazing idea because I often struggle with what to feed the kiddos. However, Friday's are Dalyn's day off from work and I often don't even open the computer until close to bed time if at all. So instead I thought I would just casually participate. And I'm even going to steal my post for this time. LoL! I recently picked up the March edition of Baby Talk at my BRU and found a great article in it and it's really helped me get ideas for the babes. So I thought I would pass them along to you all.

1. cubed banana rolled in puffed rice cereal
2. spears of oven-baked sweet potato (my variation is the new sweet potato fries found in my groceries freezer section. probably not as healthy but quick and easy)
3. ripe, cup-up mango
4. cereal bars, broken into small pieces (has become a quick fav in our house)
5. pieces of string cheese
6. cooked corn kernels
7. small squares of tofu
8. diced kiwi
9. diced pieces of well cooked carrots
10. tiny bits of meatballs
11. ripe avocado
12. canned black olives (cut and depitted)
13. oyster crackers
14. small gelatin cubes
15. graham crackers pieces with cream cheese and fruit spread
16. grilled cheese sandwich, torn into pieces
17. small pieces of well-cooked string beans
18. cubes of seedless watermelon
19. bran muffin bits
20. slivered strawberries
21. cooked black beans, chickpeas and soybeans mashed
22. bite-size bits of mini bagel pizzas
23. cut-up whole wheat pita and hummus
24. flakes of cooked, boneless wil salmon
25. bites of fish sticks
26. shredded chesse
27. grapefruit, cut into small pieces
28. whole-wheat toaster pancakes or waffles with yogurt, jam or baby food
29. small bits of veggie burgers (I've also been doing chicken nuggets and breakfast meats)
30. bits of cheese quesadilla with sour cream
31. slivered cherries with cream cheese
32. cheese omelet
33. meat or cheese ravioli or tortellini

Hope this gives you some good ideas!!

I have also made the recipe linked here. It seems to be a favorite with the babies right now. They even really like the mushrooms it in. And the good thing about it is that it heats up really well for lunch the follow days.


ap said…
YAY! Glad you are in...even if only some of the time. (Which hey...goes for me too!)

Thanks for the tips!

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