As Promised

I promised myself I was coming back to blog another post soon. Well, I'm happy to say I've made it back!!! I'm having a pretty proud moment right now. So I went in for my second opinion on Friday. I hated to go by myself but I managed to make it right during nap time, so that was about the only option.  This doctor wasn't much more re-assuring than the other one. One of the things that had initially made mention of was a Desmoid tumor. This doctor felt confident that it wasn't a desmoid and even went so far as to say, if he had to choose he would probably go with something more cancerous before he would say desmoid. But was also quick to say he didn't want to put any negative thoughts in my head. Confusing, huh? He said he felt like it should come out immediately. I agreed and he was out the door to prepare paperwork in order to get surgery scheduled. When the scheduling lady came to get me she broke the news that it would be the second week in August before he could get to the surgery. Does immediate equal the second week in August in anyone else's mind? Yeah, mine neither. I politely informed the lady that my family would be moving back to WNC the end of July, that I'd have to speak with my husband and get back with her. After talking with all our family and friends I am now scheduled for a 3rd opinion in Asheville, NC on Monday. This is where we will be moving back to and I think its probably for the best if I have surgery there. I'll be surrounded by family and friends who will be able to tend to my needs and the kiddos needs at the same time. Thanks to everyone on here who came back and commented or sent me emails or called! Its means the world to me after being gone for 5 months to come back and still have people care!! I'll hopefully be back first of next week to update on where things go after that appointment. Please continue to keep me in your prayers!

Oh, I know everyone is dying to see my kiddos. Update coming on the them tonight or tomorrow!!!


ap said…
Just catching up on blogs...I had no idea. Thinking of you and prayers for healing.

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