So I've been thinking a lot since my dismissal from my job on Monday. What I could've done differently, what I learned, what I will take moving forward, and what I will leave behind. A few years ago Dalyn brought this clipping from the newspaper home and for whatever reason I held onto it and as I was searching for a pen I ran across this clipping. Here is what it read . . . .

     "Lincoln, through, doesn't know any other way to approach it. He credits his family and coaches for helping him become mentally tough, as well as his tendency to be his harshest critic. 
     "When I lay my head down in bed after I pray and I think about the day that I just lived, I think about the day that I'm going to get up and live the next day, " Lincoln said Sunday. "It's not about letting the things that happened to you in the past eat you up. It's about learning from them, coming back, not taking a thing for granted and being mentally tough in that respect""

The last two lines struck me pretty intensely. I have done nothing but examine the entire situation that has unfolded in my life the past few weeks leading up to Monday. And I guess you could say in some regard it was eating me up. Although, I was dwelling on them, I wasn't really try to learn from them or come back. So today I decided to make a change. What happened, happened. It's now the past in my life and nothing I could do or say today would change that outcome. But honestly, I'm perfectly okay with that. A lot of my issue was this search for acceptance I think. This was the one time if my 'working life' that I hadn't been welcomed with open arms. That I hadn't had a great working relationship with my co-workers. That I was just plain miserable in my job. So today, I got out of bed at 6:45, got ready, put on some of my nicest clothes and went on a job interview. I walked in confidentially, I held my head high, I talked about my strongest assets as a person and employee, I was the person I've always been. Confident in who I was as a person, but also as an employee. I'm not confident that I'll get the job but I think it helped me come full circle with the events that have unfolded the last few weeks. I wasn't the person they had made me out to be. I wasn't the person I had seen myself become. I am going to come back and in my next job I'm going to do great things!


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